Rotavirus vaccine, oral ,2ds, 5ml

Oral Rotavirus vaccine, 2 dose, 5 ML, With Vaccine Vial Monitor (VVM30)
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General Description:
Oral Rotavirus vaccine, 2 dose, 5 ML, With Vaccine Vial Monitor (VVM30)

Technical specifications:
Rotavirus vaccine (live attenuated, oral) is a pentavalent vaccine containing suspension of live attenuated rotavirus that constitutes five viruses (Human and Bovine reassortant strains) of serotype G1, G2, G3, G4 and G9. A single human dose is 2.5ml.

The vaccine is manufactured as a vial of freeze-dried vaccine to be reconstituted with a liquid diluent in a vial containing antacid (Sodium bicarbonate buffer). Vaccine is to be reconstituted with the help of adapter and syringe just prior to oral administration.
The vaccine of diluents contains no preservative. The vaccine is for oral administration and not for injection.


Items supplied with:
1 adapter and 2 sterile disposable syringe

Shelf life:
30 months at 2-8°C,

Storage and transportation:
The products storage temperature is 2-8°C.

Packaging and labeling:
PRESENTATION: 1 vial, 1 adapter and 2 sterile disposable syringe, the number of syringes (Applicators) supply will be 2400 in a shipment of 1200 vials.

Weight and volume
Inner pack:

Vials(Doses)/inner pack
Active; 50 vials [100 doses]
Diluent : 50 vials [100 doses]

Dimensions (cm)
Active: 18.5 cm X 9.5 cm X 6.0 cm
Diluent: 18.5 cm X 9.5 cm X 6.0 cm

Cold chain vol /dose

Export Pack:

Vials(Doses)/export pack
Active : 1200 vials [2400 doses]
Diluent : 1200 vials [2400 doses]

Dimensions (cm)
Active: 60 cm X 48 cm X 41 cm
Diluent: 40.5 cm X 38.5 cm X 20.5 cm
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