Marker, flipchart, colours, tip size - 4.5 mm, pack of 4
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General Description:
Marker, flipchart, colours, tip size - 4.5mm, pack of 4

Technical Specifications:
Marker, dry-wipe with medium round tip, (size - 4.5mm), for flipchart paper, (no ink penetration), pack of 4 colours: red/blue/green/black.
Colour intensive, odourless, fast-drying, water-based, non-toxic ink; complying with European Community Safety Standard EN-71 (or equivalent international safety standard) and bear the CE symbol.

Estimated weight: 58g
Estimated volume: 0.503cdm

Instructions for use:
Marking of flipchart paper
Can be washed out of most textiles

Component of a kit:
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