Paper (photocopying),A3,80gsm/RM-500

Paper, for photocopying, printing or typing, size A3, 80 gsm, in reams of 500 sheets.
Indicative Price 8.56 USD

General Description:
Paper, for photocopying and printing size A3, 80 gsm, in reams of 500 sheets. recycled paper.

Technical Specifications:
Paper, for photocopying and printing, white, wood-free, 80gsm, size A3 (420 x 297mm), long grain, reams of 500 sheets.
To be used interchangeably for all major brands of photocopiers and laser printers.

Recycled paper must be EN12281:2002(European)certified.

Packaging and labelling:
Individual Unit: Packed in sealed reams of 500 sheets
Over-packing Unit: Cartons of 5 reams.

Please also refer to the General Packing Requirements.
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