Book,exercise,A5,ruled-8mm,48 pgs/PAC-20

Exercise book 48 pages size A5 printed with 8mm lines; cyan blue cover with UNICEF logo printed in white; plastic wrapped in packs of 20 each
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General Description:
Book, exercise, A5, ruled-8mm, 70gsm, 48 pages, pack of 20.

Technical Specifications:
Size: closed A5 size (210mm long x 148mm wide)
Paper: 75% recovered paper fibres (post and pre-consumer waste) non coated 70GSM The composition of the paper should be homogenous with no inclusions/alien particles or wrinkles
Pages: 48 pages (24 sheets)
Printing: one color Pantone cool grey 5 recto/verso
Lines: 8mm lines without left, right and bottom margins and with a top margin of 18mm
Cover: 75% recovered paper fibres (post and pre-consumer waste) 140GSM one side coated
Printing: One color Cyan blue and water based glossy varnish recto only
Finishing: Saddle stitch (stainless steel) along the 210mm and trim to size

Packaging & Labelling:
20 exercise books wrapped in a well-fitting 40 micron PP shrink pack or shrink-wrapped.

Component of a kit:
S9935019 School in a Bag
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