Chalk,assorted colours/BOX-100

Chalk, calcium carbonate, assorted colours, in box of 100
Indicative Price 1.00 USD

General Description:
Chalk, calcium carbonate, assorted colours, in box of 100

Technical Specifications:
Chalk, cylindrical, extruded length approximately 80mm, diameter 10mm.

Material: Calcium carbonate, non-toxic.

Colours: 10 colours (not including white) are included. For example: red, green, blue, orange, yellow, pink, purple, brown, cyan and light green.

Complies with internationally recognised safety standards

Packaging and labelling:
Packed in boxes of 100

Accessories/Spare parts/Consumables:
If required, the following items should be ordered separately:
S4416506 Duster/wiper for chalkboard

Estimated weight: 1.5kg
Estimated volume: 1.53cdm

Instructions for use:
With chalkboard or slate; suitable for bulk classroom supplies or for replenishing individual student's requirements.

Component of a kit:
S9935011 School-in-a-carton,40 students, 2016
S9935097 School-in-a-box,40 students, 2016
S9935019 School-in-a-bag, 40 students
S9935021 Replenishment Kit for School-in-a-Box
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