Black fibreboard slate, size A4; packed in boxes of 20 each
Indicative Price 3.55 USD

General Description:
Slate, fibre board, A4 (210mm x 297mm), box of 20 each

Technical Specifications:
Slate (individual writing board for students) made of hard fibre board, (density greater than 850kg/m3) black, size A4 (210 x 297mm), 3mm thick (+0.5mm/-0.00), with rounded corners.

Surface and painting: Finished in black special blackboard paint on both sides and all four edges; UV-dried (environmentally friendly); granularity suitable for white slate pencils and chalk.
Cleaning: The surface is able to withstand water, should the student choose wet cleaning.

Packaging and labelling:
Packed in box of 20 slates

Accessories/Spare parts/Consumables:
If required, the following items should be ordered separately:
S4461000 - Pencil for slates
S4416506 - Duster/wiper for chalkboard

Weight and Volume:
Estimated weight: 4.000kg
Estimated volume: 4.774cdm
Instructions for use:
Classroom aid to learning

Component of a kit:
S9935097 - School-in-a-box,40 students, 2016
S9935011 - School-in-a-carton,40 students, 2016
S9935024 - Recreation kit, 2016
S9935034 - Recreation kit-in-a-carton
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