Clock,teaching,wood or plastic

Clock for teaching purposes in wood or plastic with desk-top stand
Indicative Price 0.84 USD

General Description:
Clock, teaching, wood or plastic

Technical Specifications:
Clock; teaching, wood or plastic, with desk-top stand. Diameter of clock 220 mm; wood material is 5mm and HDPE plastic material is 2 mm thick, easy-to-see numerals, large and small hands is screwed in to the wood or plastic. The clock face has Braille dots underneath all the numbers (the numbers is raised) in order for children with visual impairment to touch the clock and read the numbers using the braille dots.

Packaging and labelling:
Each clock is to be packed in a cardboard box.

Estimated weight: 0.4kg
Estimated volume: 5.22cdm

Instructions for use:
Classroom or school office use

Component of a kit:
S9935097 - School-in-a-Box Kit for 40 students, 2016
S9935011 - School-in-a-Carton Kit for 40 students, 2016
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