Posters, Arabic, 50x70cm

Posters, Arabic, 50x70cm
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General Description:
Set of 3 full colour posters, made of synthetic paper, printed in Arabic and with Braille printing/embossing.

Technical Specifications:
Poster 1: Title Arabic 'Alphabet' and 'lines'
The letters of the Arabic alphabet. Underneath each letter the equivalent Braille letter is embossed.

Poster 2: Title Arabic ' Numbers 0-100' and 'squares'
The numbers from 0-100. Underneath each number the equivalent Braille number is embossed.

Poster 3: Title Arabic ' Times tables'
The multiplication tables from 1 x 1 to 11 x 11, in squared format. Underneath each number the equivalent Braille number is embossed

Synthetic paper is suitable for use in outdoor classrooms, since it is water, stain, chemical and tear-resistant. The varnished surface ensures that the posters can be written on with non-permanent pen, and wiped clean and re-used as appropriate.

plastic fabric, Akyplen litestop, mat, 250 gsm

Printing: 4C CMYK + Matt UV varnish on both sides.

Finishing: blind embossing underneath the letters and numbers in Braille.


Packaging and labelling:
Supplied flat, packed in sets of three, in a protective cover to provide adequate protection from dust/moisture.

Estimated weight: 50g
Estimated volume: 4.125cdm
Estimated dimensions: 55x7.5x10cm

Component of a kit:
S9935082 Arabic Teacher’s Kit
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