Green ball-point pen; packed in boxes of 10 each
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General Description:
Pen, ball-point, green, box of 10.

Technical Specifications:
Ball point pen, 1 mm ball, green tropical ink, transparent barrel and visible ink level.

The pen must be capable of writing in a range of climates from hot and dusty, humid through to cold climates, even after long periods of storage under such conditions.

The pens should be suitable for writing on paper and plastic bags. The pens are to be supplied with securely fitting lids, with no sharp edges.

The volume of the ink reservoir and rate of consumption must be sufficient for a writing length of at least 2,000 metres at 20°C.

The pen should be comfortable to hold and use by children. The flow of the ink should be fine, smooth and consistent with no blotches.

The ink should be easy to read against a white surface. The pen should be able to write on glossy as well as matt paper surfaces.

The colour of the ink should be clear from the appearance of the pen (with the lid attached). The lid must have a breathe hole.

The pen should be suitable for the safe and extended use by children.

Packaging and labelling:
Individual Unit: Ten (10) pens to be packed in a sturdy cardboard box.

Please also refer to the General Packing Requirements.

Component of a kit:
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