Ruler,plastic,c.30cm,set of 10

Plastic ruler approximately 31cm long; packed in sets of 10 each
Indicative Price 0.95 USD

General Description:
Ruler, plastic, 30cm, magnifier, set of 10.

Technical Specifications:
Ruler, recycled high impact polystyrene, shatterproof. Dimensions: length of approximately 31cm, width of 3cm and thickness of 3mm with beveled edges. Along one length, centimeters are annotated (0 to 12 inch) with sub-markings of millimeters. On the opposite length, inches are annotated with sub-markings of 1/16 inch.

Weight and Volume:
Estimated weight: 0.260kg
Estimated volume: 0.348CDM

Component of a kit:
S9935097 - School in a box, 40 students, 2016
S9935011 – School in a carton, 40 students, 2016
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