Bag, plastic, interlock seal/PAC-20

Plastic (polyethylene) carrier bag with handle, interlock seal closure and UNICEF logo printed in cyan blue on one side; suitable for carrying books up to size A4; packed in bags of 20 each
Indicative Price 2.30 USD

General Description
Recycled Plastic carrier bag, with print, sealable with interlock seal

Technical Specifications
100% recycled LDPE Plastic carrier bag, self sealing with interlock seal type closure on 1 short side, securely sealed along the 2 long sides with a cleanly punched handle.

Dimensions: active length (length below the base of the seal) of 350mm, length above the top of the seal of 80mm, width of 282mm and thickness of 0.15mm (150 microns).
Material: 100% recycled LDPE
Color: white

Packaging and labelling
Individual Unit: 20 carrier bags packed in an interlock bag.

Component of kit:
S9935097 School in a box kit 2016
S9935011 School in a carton 2016
S9935019 School in a bag kit
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