Water tank,collapsible,5000l,w/dist.kit

Water tank, 5000 liters (5 cbm), collapsible, complete set including kit for water distribution with six taps, connection kit, installation kit and repair kit. Food grade material.
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General Description:
Water tank, 5000 liters (5 cbm), collapsible, complete set including kit for water distribution with six taps, connection kit, installation kit and repair kit. Food grade material.

Technical Specifications:

Water tank, collapsible, 5 cbm (5,000 litres), made from polyester and
coated with PVC, UV proof, thermal stability -30°/+70°C, suitable for
chlorinated drinking water storage (food grade material).

Mildew and rot resistant.
Ultra violet resistant.
Opaque - to inhibit algae growth.
Assembly: Heat welding/high frequency welding.
Weight: 930 g/m² as per DIN 53352 (or equivalent ASTM standard).
Tear strength: 5075 (W)/5075 (F) N/5 cm as per DIN 53363 (or equivalent ASTM standard).
Tensile strength: 700 (W)/630 (F) N/5 cm as per DIN 53354 (or equivalent ASTM standard).
Adhesion: Bigger than 100 N/5 cm.
Flame retardant: None.
Temperature resistance: -30ºC / +70ºC.
Base fabric (substrate): Bi-composite polyester or equivalent material, weight 250 g/m² as per DIN 53365 (or equivalent ASTM standard).
Threads per cm: 16 x 16, as per DIN 53853 (or equivalent ASTM standard).
Outer coating: Abrasion and UV-resistant fabric such as PVC, weight 480 g/m².
Inner coating: Black polyurethane, PVC or equivalent coating able to withstand, without alteration of the stored drinking water, chlorine concentration of 0.5 mg/litre at a water temperature of 35ºC, and peak chlorine concentration of 5 mg/litre during cleaning process. Weight 200 g/m².

Water tank corners to be fitted with aluminium or plastic flanges. Water tank inlet/outlet to be reinforced with a double layer of fabric.

1 x 100 mm top threaded flanged port with PVC or polypropylene lid and retaining strap, for cleaning purposes 2 x 50 mm diameter male threaded bolted flange ports, made of stainless steel, polypropylene or PVC, one port at each end of the water tank (for filling and discharging purposes). The ports are to remain horizontal once the tank is filled with water.

Connection accessories:
2 x 50 mm diameter female threaded brass or PVC valves, for connection to water tank inlet/outlet 2 x 50 mm diameter Guillemin or Storz couplings for quick connection to ball valve, one set of sealing compounds (one hank of hemp or four teflon rolls (12 mm x 12 m), two spanners for Guillemin couplings.

Ground cover:
Plastic sheet, minimum thickness 0.5 mm, must protrude over the 4 sides of the water tank by not less than 40 cm.

Supplied with:
1 x repair set including one tube of glue, one set of patches, one piece of sandpaper, and instructions for small repairs.
Instructions for cleaning procedures also included.

To be used for connecting the water tank to the tap stand.

Supplied with:
1 x Length of 6 to 8 meters semi rigid hose, for the conveyance of water, Plasticized PVC abrasion resistant hose, ozone and weather resistant, smooth bore, fitted with a shock resistant rigid PVC spiral, 50 mm diameter,
each end fitted with 2 x 50 mm Guillemin couplings.
1 x Disposable spanner for tightening of collars.
2 x Spanners for Guillemin couplings.

Water distribution kit to be used with collapsible water tank above. The kit must be made of hot dip galvanized iron steel, threaded as per ISO 7 (the thread cutting oil must be non toxic type), and must be able to withstand rough handling during use.

Supplied with:
4 x sturdy legs ("A"frame), each leg fitted with a drilled plate for holding down purposes.
1 x 1½" (40 mm) male threaded riser pipe.
1 x female threaded 2"-1½" (50 mm-40 mm) junction tee with closing cap.
2 x male threaded Guillemin or Storz couplings.
1 x central distribution pipe
6 x male threaded tap pipes welded to the central distribution pipe.
7 x female threaded 3/4" (20 mm) self-closing taps.
2 x 3/4" (20 mm) female threaded caps (for closing in case of repair of faulty taps).
4 x rolls of teflon tape (12 mm x 12 meters each).
Minimum discharge rate per tap: 10 liters per minute at one meter head, operation range: Up to 4 bars.
4 x plated pegs for fixing down of the tapstand, in length of 30 cm, minimum diameter 12 mm.
1 x piece of wire netting for concrete slab, 0.9 meter x 1.5 meters each.

Supplied with:
2 x Pickaxes.
2 x Spades.
1 x Roll Barrier tape (500 m roll).
1 x Roll rope 6 mm - blue polypropylene x 50 m.
1 x Spirit level 60 cm.
2 x Spare Guillemin or Storz couplings
2 x Stillson wrench (for riser pipe, leg and tap assembly).
1 x Hank of hemp (200 g).
1 x Tube/can of alimentary grease (400 g).

Transport and storage:
The pillow tank is folded, packed in a sturdy polyethylene bag and placed in a strong wooden box together with all the tools and taps.

Instruction for use:
Suitable for use in static settings
When fully assembled, the tank serves as a potable water reservoir, especially useful in emergency situations.

Precondition for utilisation:
Fitting requires minimal training or orientation
Needs suitable flat level platform for installation

Emergency scenarios:
Use in all kinds of emergencies

Context in which item is mainly used:
Useful multipurpose unit for storage and transport of water supplies before and after treatment where existing storage facilities and water reticulation systems have either been rendered inoperable or are non-existent.
Common use includes localised camp or neighbourhood water distribution support.

Target population:
Approximately 1000 people per tank, depending on the refilling frequency.

Emergency scenarios where the item should not be used:
Not suited for use in batch flocculation of raw water.

Other Emergency scenario considerations:
Ground installation is susceptible to damage and filling can be awkward.
Restricted access and protective fencing highly recommended.

Climate considerations: May require protective measures in extreme climates from sun and cold.
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