Water tank,collapsible for trucking,6m³

Water tank (bladder), 6000 litres (6 cbm), collapsible for water
trucking, made of food grade material.
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General Description:
Water tank (bladder), 6000 litres (6 cbm), collapsible for water trucking, made of food grade material

Technical Specifications:
Collapsible (flexible) water tank (bladder) manufactured from UV resistant, food grade PVC coated polyester fabric (minimum 1100 g/m2), fitted with inlet and cap on top of the tank. All materials used should be suitable for use with chlorinated drinking water.

This bladder tank should be specifically designed for use on trucks for water transport.

Dimensions of the tank: 4m long, 2.2 m wide and 0.65 m high (maximum 6 tons capacity).

Material for the tank:
Mildew and rot resistant Opaque, to inhibit algae growth
Weight: 1100 g/m². Temperature resistance: -30ºC / +70ºC.
Assembly: Heat welding/high frequency welding.
Base fabric (substrate): Bi-composite polyester or equivalent material.
Outer coating: Abrasion and UV-resistant fabric such as PVC, weight minimum 480 g/m².
Inner coating: Black polyurethane, PVC or equivalent coating able to withstand, without alteration of the stored drinking water, chlorine concentration of 0.5 mg/litre at a water temperature of 35ºC, and peak chlorine concentration of 5 mg/litre during cleaning process. Weight minimum 200 g/m².

The tank is supplied with:
5 x Heavy duty 50mm polyester webbing with becketed eye loops and 2 x 50 mm heavy duty webbing straps (two each end) with becketed eye loops for securing basis - 14 per unit.
Including adjustable holding down straps
2 x Overpressure relief valves (2 psi) automatic c/w rubber attached plug.
1 x 4" (internal measurement) screwed filler cap with captive cord
2 x 3" BSP male stub fitting (both at the same end) manufactured from LM25 aluminum with anti chafe patch and naps.
Each external stub shall be fitted with type 55-3" BSP female gate valve PN16 Giacomini type.
2 x 3" (M) to 2" (M) reducers BSP, plastic
2 x 2" BSP equal 'T' (F), plastic
4 x 2" (M) to 1" (F) reducers, plastic
4 x 1" (M) hose tail connector, plastic
4 x 3 m lengths of 1" flexible hose pipe, to fit over hose tail connectors
2 x Anti chafe patches and covers
1 x Ground sheet
1 x Repair kit
1 x Set of instructions
1 x Holdall

Transport and Storage:
Packaging: The UNICEF logo must be indelibly marked in large letters on the top of each tank. Minimum size: 12 cm height x 80 cm length.
All items to be packed in one sturdy plywood case securely strapped and sealed, suitable for sea and air freight, clearly marked with the gross weight and dimensions. Marks shall be on the front and back of the case, as determined by the runners of the forklift.

Instruction for use:
Suitable for use in either static setting or for mounting in a suitable flat truck with adequate padding and strapping
The bladder shall be loosely tied down before filling; it shall be filled with a pump using a 3" inlet.
An inlet at the top is provided to add chlorine.
Fittings have been included to make up a manifold arrangement so that water can be supplied directly from the back of the truck via 4 lines of 1" hose where this is required.

Precondition for utilisation:
Fitting requires minimal training or orientation
Filling and offloading requires either accompanying pumping equipment and or gravity filling system
Often requires connection to distribution networks
Needs suitable flat level platform for installation

Alternative if the item is not available:
This kit is similar to Oxfam kit (code TRT6/4).

Emergency scenarios
All kinds of emergencies

Context in which item is mainly used:
Useful multipurpose unit for storage and transport of water supplies before and after treatment where existing storage facilities and water reticulation systems have either been rendered inoperable or are non-existent
Common use includes localised camp or neighbourhood water distribution support

Target population:
Approximately 1200 people per tank. Depends on refilling frequency

Emergency scenarios where the item should not be used:
Not suited for use in batch flocculation of raw water.

Other Emergency scenario considerations:
Ground installation is susceptible to damage and filling can be awkward
Restricted access and protective fencing highly recommended

Climate considerations:
May require protective measures in extreme climates from sun and cold
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