Water tank,onion,collaps,30m3,w/taps

Water tank 30,000 litres, flexible, "Onion Shaped" self supporting open topped with a cover, made from food-grade material suitable for storage and chlorination of potable water.
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General Description:
Water tank 30,000 litres, flexible, "Onion Shaped" self supporting open topped with a cover, made from food-grade material suitable for storage and chlorination of potable water. Includes 4 water distribution kits with 6 taps each

Technical Specifications:
Flexible, "Onion Shaped" tank, self supporting manufactured from food-grade quality PVC coated polyester fabric (weight not less than 1100 g/m2). Liner shall be resistant, anti UV, preferable yellow or blue colour and the interior in polyurethane.
Tensile strength of material should not be less than 550 kg/m2. Minimum thickness is 1.15 mm. All seams are heat or high frequency welded.
Dimensions: 5.5 m base diameter, 4.6 m top diameter and 1.5 m high.

The tank is supplied with:
2 x 3" male external stubs opposite each other, fitting manufactured from Aluminum (LM25 Grade) or equivalent.
2 x 3" female internal stubs fitted back to back with item 1. Stubs shall be manufactured from Aluminum (LM25 Grade).
Anti-chafe patches and flaps PVC.
2 x each external stub shall be fitted with 3" BSP female gate valve PN16, like type R55 Giacomini or equivalent brand and type.

2 x Extra stub patches
1 x Cover, food quality PVC with fixing hasps (preferably with integrated central floating block).
1 x Ground sheet with weight not less than 610g/m2 circular and diameter 6.50m)
1 x Holdall
2 x 3"(M) x 1" (F) BSP Hex reducing bush, GI
1 x 1"(M) BSP to 32mm coupler for MDPE tube
1 x 32mm equal T compression coupling for MDPE tube
1 x Repair kit
1 x Set of instructions (manual)
2 x Water distribution kits: The tank kit includes in total 4 water distribution kits with 6 taps (2 kits x 2 stands w/6 taps, complete with connection kits etc.), see UNICEF Catalogue No. S0005831=S5006046.

Transport and storage:
Packaging: All items to be packed in one sturdy plywood case securely strapped and sealed, suitable for sea and air freight, clearly marked with the gross weight and dimensions. Marks shall be on the front and back of the case, as determined by the runners of the forklift.

Instruction for use:
For use in static setting
The tank is suitable for water storage, distribution and chlorination and the cover help to prevent evaporation and contamination. The tank cannot be used for transportation.
The tank should be installed on an even, stable and horizontal earth platform at least 1.5 m above ground level or higher if possible. When the tank is installed on an earth embankment, the slopes of the embankment should be protected from erosion with dense grass, stones or plastic. The water distribution tap stand should be installed reasonably away from the tank with proper drainage arrangement to protect the embankment. The area surrounding the tank should preferably be fenced.
The tank shall be protected from direct sunshine as much as possible
The tank shall be thoroughly cleaned and dried before folding it for transportation or storage.

Precondition for utilisation:
Fitting requires minimal training or orientation
Needs suitable flat level platform for installation

Alternative if the item is not available:
This kit is similar to Oxfam kit (code TRR30/4) with addition of tap stand kits.

Emergency scenarios:
Large scale emergencies

Context in which item is mainly used:
Useful multipurpose unit for storage
Treatment of water supplies where existing storage facilities and water reticulation systems have either been rendered inoperable or are non-existent
Common use includes large localised camps or neighbourhood water distribution support

Target population:
6000 beneficiaries per tank

Emergency scenarios where the item should not be used:
Given open top design these tanks are suited for use in batch flocculation and chlorination of raw water

Other Emergency scenario considerations:
Ground installation is susceptible to damage and filling can be awkward / restricted access and protective fencing highly recommended

Climate considerations: May require protection from extreme temperature and sun. Due to open top structure, might need covering in circumstances of wind-blown contaminants (sand/dust).
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