Pump,2"/50mm,centrifugal,diesel driven

2" centrifugal pump directly coupled to a diesel engine, supplied with
suction and discharge hoses.
Indicative Price 5,369.21 USD
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General Description:
2" centrifugal pump directly coupled to a diesel engine, supplied with suction and discharge hoses.

Technical Specifications:
Pump/Engine Set, Comprising:
2" x 2" (50 x 50 mm) single stage centrifugal self priming pump. Satisfying performance criteria as per pump curve attached (rel.straight curve going from appr. 43m3/hr at 10 m head, through 28m3/hr at 20m head to appr. 8m3/hr at 30m head). Construction is all cast iron with 2 stage mechanical carbon/ceramic seal, stainless steel shaft sleeve, renewable steel wear plate, semi open clog resistant impeller, integral non-return valve, detachable discharge bend, casing clean out cover, prime and drain points and 2" BSP male suction and discharge connections.
Pump is driven by a single cylinder 4 stroke air-cooled diesel engine developing at least 4.5 KW at 3600 rpm with recoil start, renewable element air, oil and fuel filters, fuel tank sufficient to hold fuel for 4 hr operation, automatic low oil shut down, throttle control, oil drain tap and exhaust silencer. Pump and engine are close coupled together and mounted on a common fabricated steel base plate. Drilled 4 x holding down bolts.
Pump set identification plate secured to base plate with Code 'S5006061-P2-ALLO/3_Diesel 2" pumpset stamped on it.

Supplied with:
Connection accessories, comprising:
The suction side shall include the following:
1 x 3" hose, length 30 m, reinforced plastic flexible medium duty, (Green low toxic).
1 x 70 mm foot valve with 74 mm hose tail (fitted to the above hose).
1 x 3" hose band (fitted to above).
1 x 3" BSP (F) hose coupling MI (fitted to above).
1 x 3" hose clamp (fitted to above).
1 x 3" hose band (fitted to above).
1 x 3" (M) to 2"(F) BSP reducer GS.
10 x 3" Hose coupling washers.

The discharge side shall include the following:
1 x 2" BSP (F) gate valve - brass.
1 x 3" (M) to 2"(M) BSP nipple GS.
1 x 3" hose, 3 m long, transparent PVC medium duty (5 bar).
2 x 3" BSP (F) hose coupling MI (fitted to both ends of the hose).
2 x 3" hose clamp (fitted to above).
5 x 3" BSP hex nipples GS.
3 x 3" BSP (F) 90 degree Bend GS.
2 x 3" BSP (F) hose coupling MI.
2 x 3" hose clamp.
10 x 3" hose coupling washers.
3 x 10 m roll of PTFE tape (12 mm wide).

Mounting bolts
The mounting bolts shall be as follows:
4 x M10 x 100 mm rag bolts, washers and nuts.
4 x 3/8" x 3" coach screws and washers.

Pump Spares
The following spares for the pump shall be supplied and should be sufficient for one year of operation:
1 x Mechanical seal
1 x Gasket set

Engine consumables
The following items of engine consumable spares shall be supplied and should be sufficient for one year of operation:
8 x Air filter element
8 x Oil filter element
8 x 'O' Ring for oil filter
8 x Fuel filter element
2 x Gasket set

Engine oil
The supply shall include 5 litre container of engine oil (15W/40) complying to specification API SJ/CF for diesel engines or MIL-L-46152 D/E. Non hazardous for air/sea freight.

User manuals and spare parts lists for the pump and the engine shall be included - as well as an instruction, operating and maintenance manual.

Transport and Storage:
Packaging: All the items shall be packed in a timber crate suitable for sea/ air freight, lined with Kraft union paper. Base timbers shall have minimum of 4" fork lift runners suitable for offloading by jack poles etc.
The pump shall be secured at the floor of the case using steel spreaders with bolts push up, welded to the spreaders to prevent turning. Bolts are fitted with 'Nylock' type nuts.
The case shall be finished with a minimum of two steel bands.
Pump serial number and purchase order number to be clearly marked on case.
Crate outer to be marked (UNICEF S5006061 Diesel 2" Pump set) with overall dimensions in CMS and gross weight in KG clearly shown. Marks to be both on the front and back determined by the fork lift runners.

Instruction for use:
The pump set is used to pump water from a surface source or from a tank.
Regularly maintain the engine according to the manual (On the SD Intranet a sample template is posted to assist with the maintenance of the engine). See the generator maintenance sheet via the following link:

The 5 litres of oil supplied in this kit should be used for running in the engine and discarded after 100 running hours and replaced with SAE 15W/40 lubricating oil (or equivalent) as in the S5006064 Pump Oil kit.
This Pump set is part of the Pump Pack and is designed for use in conjunction with the Pump Fittings Kit (code S5006063 Pump Fittings Kit) and the Pump Oil Kit (code S5006064 Pump Oil kit). If required, these must be ordered separately.

For optimum performance, the pump design is based on using 2" suction/delivery pipework, although for simplicity 3" pipework is provided which is the size more commonly used in other water equipment.
This kit contains all necessary fittings and pipework to assemble a complete pumping station. A 30 m length of 3" green hose and foot valve are supplied for the suction. In order to maximise pump efficiency the length of suction hose should be kept as short as practical, normally this should be no more than 10 m. A short length of 3" transparent hose is supplied with a gate valve, a non-return valve, and a number of 90 degrees elbows for connection into a 3" pumping main. The pressure rating of the 3" green hose is less than 2 bar, so it should not be used for pump delivery.

The Pump Fittings Kit (code S5006063 Pump fittings kit), when combined with this kit allows additional connections (uses) to be made. Refer to the specification on S5006063 Pumps fitting kit for details. It may not be necessary to order S5006063 Pumps fitting kit.

A 2" gate valve is included to allow optional throttling at outlet. It can also act as an isolation valve. Pumping against a fully closed valve must be avoided. The valve must always be open during priming.
Experience has shown that it is unnecessary to order a Major Repair or Overhaul Kit for every pumpset supplied.

On sites where a number of pumps are to be deployed, it is suggested that initially one Overhaul Kit be ordered for every five or more pumps supplied. Ultimately, the appropriate quantity of overhaul or specific spares to be ordered must be judged against the actual need and the site conditions such as competence of mechanics, workshop facilities, maintenance and repair practices, duration of project, etc.

This kit includes sets of consumables and essential spares for minimum one year operation and maintenance of both the engine and the pump, based on operation in fairly unfavourable/dusty site conditions with minimal maintenance support/service. This period can be extended if site conditions are more favourable.

The kit is similar to Oxfam kit (code P2 - ALLO/3) "2" Atalanta Swallow S50 Lombardini 15LD315 Diesel Pump Set with Hose, but can be of any brand satisfying the technical specifications."

Precondition for utilisation:
Dedicated operational staff required (including appropriate training on operation and maintenance)
Access to fuel and spares needs to match the operational requirements of the setting (limitations to be factored in)
Language of operating instructions

Emergency scenarios
Specialised equipment to move bulk water

Context in which item is mainly used:
Used in static settings
For piped supplies or where filling of tankers required

Emergency scenarios where the item should not be used:
Rapidly moving disbursed populations – unless complemented distribution system in place to deliver safe water cost efficiently.

Other Emergency scenario considerations:
Dedicated and trained operational staff required

Climate considerations:
Climatic extremes might complicate use. Care of combustion engines and other moving equipment needs to be adapted to conditions

Other country specific considerations:
Language of operating instructions.
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