Stand, vacuum filter support,1-place,SS

Stand, vacuum filter support,1-place,SS
Indicative Price 1,119.51 USD

General Description
Manifold/Stand in Stainless Steel, single place. Self-standing membrane support for vacuum filtration, for use with microbiological water testing.

Technical Specifications
Self-standing, stainless Steel 1-place Manifold.
Self-standing single funnel and membrane support/stand for use with vacuum filtration of water samples in the context of microbiological field water testing. The Manifold/Stand is made from stainless steel and is equipped with one/single place for holding cup/funnel and membrane.

The support will have an outlet connection to allow membrane filtration by vacuum.

Unit of measure: each

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Estimated weight and volume
Weight: 2kg
Volume: 5CDM

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