First Response WASH & Dignity family kit sufficient for the needs of 5 families - for immediate/early response in emergencies.
NOTE: This Optional Kit does NOT contain NaDDC Water Purification tablets. (see also the 3 other 1st Resp.WASH & Dignity family kit variants).
Indicative Price 182.27 USD

General description:
First Response WASH and Dignity kit, packed for 5 Families/Households.
(This kit does NOT contain NaDDC Water Purifying tablets (please see bottom text for the four kit variations)).

Technical specifications:
Immediate Response WASH & Dignity kit sufficient for the needs of 5 Families/Households - for early response in emergencies.

The kit is designed for families of five; including two adults and three children/adolescents; for emergency situations for a period of one month.

Kit contents:
(Quantity x S-number – Item description)

10 x S5007311 - Water cont,PVC/PE,10l,collaps.,w/o logo
5 x S5007315 - Bucket,HDPE,with lid,14 litre
60 x S0552000 - Soap,toilet,bar,approx.110g,wrapped
5 x S5006286 - Torch, handheld, self- powered
5 x S5006275 - Child potty
10 x S5006276 - Multipurpose Cloth, cotton, 1x1.5m
10 x S5006271 - Reusable menstrual Pads,kit
10 x S5006282 - Sanitary pads,female,w/wings,disposables
5 x S5006313 - Whistle, for safety use, metal
5 x S5006283 - Underwear,female panties,qty 3x3 (S, M, L)
5 x S5006288 - Laundry detergent, 1.5kg
5 x S5006124 - Flyer 1p guide WASH&DignityKit,firstResp

Important note
This specific WASH & Dignity Kit version does NOT contain Water Purification Tablets. These are to be ordered separately, if required.
Or please go to Material Code S9901153 for complete kit including NaDCC tablets.

Transport and storage
Packaging: Packed in heavy duty double wall export cartons
Shipping details: 12 cartons per full pallet,
and 21 pallets (US) per 40 feet Container

Instructions for use
One kit is sufficient for the needs of 5 families for one month (25 people)
For early response in emergencies

Precondition for utilisation
Initial distribution to new beneficiaries might require explanation on contents, their use and associated benefits.

Emergency scenarios
For primary use in displacement environment or natural disasters resulting in loss of equipment and infrastructure
In case of disruption of safe water supply

Context in which item is mainly used
Displacement and disruption of safe water supply

Target population

Emergency scenarios where the item should NOT be used:
Emergencies with only marginal loss of equipment

OTHER Emergency scenario considerations:
In situations in which the only available water is turbid, supplementary water treatment options need to be considered.

Country considerations
Traditional water storage containers may vary and different experiences of water treatment may need to be taken into consideration.

To be ordered separately
S5007321 - Water floc. & disinfectant,pdr/Box-240
S1588355 - Water purif.(NaDCC) 33mg tabs/PAC-50

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S9901152 WASH & Dignity Kit, First Response, 1 Household, with Water Purification Tablets for a same kit as S9901153 (with NaDCC tablets) but packed for 1 Family/Household. Material Code
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NO Water Purification Tablets ​(Similar kit to S9901153, but without NaDCC tablets). Material Code
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NO Water Purification Tablets. ​(Similar kit to S9901152, but without NaDCC tablets).
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