Chlorine/pH visual comparator

A simple, lightweight, small and robust field visual comparator for the rapid measure of chlorine and pH in water. Includes start up consumables (20 to 50 DPD1 tablets and 20 to 50 phenol red tablets) and a box of 250 DPD1 tablets
Indicative Price 13.48 USD
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General description
Single visual comparator combining pH and chlorine measurement in its robust case with a box of 250 tablets of DPD1.

pH measuring range: 6.8 to 8.2 with intervals of 0.2 pH unit.
Chlorine measuring range: 0.1 to 3.0 mg/l Cl2 with increasing intervals (not more than 0.2 mg/l interval at the lower end of the measuring range and not more than 1mg/l interval at the upper end of the measuring range)

The visual comparator fits into a robust case, which also includes:
Start-up consumables:
- between 20 and 30 DPD1 rapid tablets to measure free chlorine residual
- between 20 and 30 phenol red rapid tablets to measure pH
Multilingual (at least English, French, and Spanish) instructions explain how to use the comparator with visual representations.

A box of 250 tablets of rapid dissolving DPD1, for testing free chlorine residual in drinking water, comes with the visual comparator. DPD1 is boric acid free, packed in cardboard boxes of 250 tablets.
Expected shelf life of 120 months.
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