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Collapsible water container, with a capacity of 10 litres, can withstand a 1.8 meter drop test when full, made from food grade material, without logo.
Indicative Price 1.83 USD
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General description:
Collapsible water container with a capacity of 10 litres and a 50mm opening, made from food grade material. Without logo.

Technical specification:
The collapsible 10 L water container is easy to fill up and pour, comfortable to carry for the end user and comes with no sharp edges. It is semi-transparent to identify the level of liquid inside visually.
The 10L collapsible water container comes with a robust and comfortable handle on one side. The opening has a diameter of at least 50mm, with a matching screw cap attached with a retaining strap. No logo is included on the container.

The collapsible water container is made of virgin food-grade plastic (e.g., Low-Density Polyethylene, High-Density Polyethylene or Polypropylene), UV resistant and safe for food and water storage. It is designed for minimum 6 months of use under tropical conditions.

Impact Resistance / Drop Test
The collapsible jerrycan resists a minimum of 3 consecutive drops from 2m height, dropped from different angles.

Storing condition
Collapsible jerry cans should be stored in a dry area and shielded from the sun. Preferable storage temperature is from –10°C to 50°C.

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