Bucket,HDPE,with lid,14 l

Bucket (container), stackable, round, made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), with lid, cap and plastic handle, capacity 14 litres. Also called "the OXFAM bucket".
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General Description:
Bucket (container), stackable, round, made of HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene), with lid, cap and plastic handle, capacity 14 litres.
Called "the OXFAM bucket".

Technical Specifications:
Bucket made of HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene), UV resistant and safe for food and water storage.
The bucket capacity is 14 litres.
Height 33 cm, top diameter 31 cm
The top is reinforced to prevent ovaling.
The walls shall meet the bottom of the bucket with a curved surface to prevent dirt accumulation and facilitate cleaning.
The bucket has a tight-fitting lid of the same material of the bucket with an attached push-on cap.

Shipping details:
160 buckets could be stacked on a standard Euro pallet (80 x 120 cm) to a height of 122 cm.
Packing: 10 buckets stacked inside a plastic bag. A second stack of 10 buckets in plastic bag can be stacked on top of the first. 8 such double stacks are packed one beside the other inside one export carton (bottom up). The lids are packed by number of 10 in 16 separate plastic bags and placed between the buckets.

Estimated weight: 1.1kg
Estimated volume: 15cdm
Estimated dimensions: Top diameter 31cm, height 33cm

Instructions for use:
The bucket provides a good water transportation and storage container when the lid is kept sealed.
The lid to be taken off only for periodic cleaning
The bucket can be filled through the cap.

Component of a kit:
S5006122 - WASH&DignityKit,firstResp,1HH,noPurifTab
S5006123 - WASH&DignityKit,firstResp,5HH,noPurifTab
S9901152 - WASH&DignityKit,firstResp,1HH,w PurifTab
S9901153 - WASH&DignityKit,firstResp,5HH,wPurifTab

A plastic tap option could be added.
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