Bucket,HDPE, w/lid,10cm cap and tap,14 l

Bucket made of HDPE, with tight and firm fitting lid having large cap , large handle and tap, with a capacity of 14 liters, stackable (all materials in plastic), of "Jerry Bucket" type.
Indicative Price 5.24 USD
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General Description:
Bucket (container), stackable, round, made of HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene), with lid, large cap, large plastic handle and tap, capacity 14 litres. Equivalent to the also called "OXFAM Jerry Bucket".

Technical specifications:
Bucket designed solely for transport and storage of drinking water, made of food grade virgin HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene)/virgin LDPE (Low Density PolyEthylene), according to EN1186-3-9 or equivalent corresponding standard, tough durable UV-resistant that will not deteriorate in harsh sunlight, and safe for food and drinking water storage.

The bucket capacity is 14 litres min.
Height 300 mm,
Top diameter 300/310 mm ±5%,
Bottom diameter 240 mm ±5%.
Indicated dimensions are approximate.

Wall thickness (approx. 1.3 mm) shall allow rigid and sturdy quality with reference to the New "Oxfam Bucket" design also called the "Jerry Bucket".

The walls must have a smooth gloss finish and meet the bottom of the bucket with a curved inside surface to prevent dirt and bacteria accumulation and to facilitate cleaning.
The top is reinforced to prevent ovaling.

The bottom must be smooth and spike free for improved comfort when carried on the head.

This bucket has a very tight-fitting lid with rim-lock design, making it very difficult to nearly impossible to remove, and with a sturdily attached, tight-fitting (but removable) clip-on cap, all of the same material as the bucket. The opening under the cap is 100 mm ±5% large to allow for easier filling from hand pumps and cleaning of the bucket without removing the main lid.

The bucket is equipped with a sturdy and comfortable flat plastic handle (w/no sharp edges) to ensure the easy carrying by hand. The plastic handle made of LDPE, together with the handle-ears of the bucket, must be sturdy enough to carry a fully filled bucket weight without bending or shearing off.

Colour Indication (other colours might be accepted):
Bucket: White or Off-White;
Lid w/clip-on cap: Bright Green (Pantone 7488c) or Cyan Blue.

Each bucket is supplied with a loose, sturdy plastic tap, stored during shipment in the bottom of each bucket. At destination, the tap can be put in the predisposed hole in the bucket from the outside and fixed by screwing the locking nut from the inside. The tap and its connection must be leak tight.
Alternatively, the tap can be already mounted (i.e. integrated) at the lower part of the bucket; however the bucket with tap must be designed to allow normal stacking with the mounted tap. The tap must remain easily accessible and user friendly.
In any case, the tap and its connection must be leak tight.

NOTE: The buckets shall be stackable and their shape shall allow each bucket to be easily split from the stack.
To ensure the easy splitting of buckets from stacks, the buckets shall be equipped with sturdy downwards extensions of the handle ears, or other similar in-built stacking-stop, to PREVENT the buckets from being pressed firmly into each other during packing and transport.

Packing details:
10 buckets stacked inside one plastic bag
A second stack of 10 buckets in plastic bags stacked on top of the first
8 such double stacks are packed (bottom up), one beside the other, inside one export carton
The lids are packed by number of 10 in 16 separate plastic bags and placed between the buckets.

9 spare taps are to be supplied with each full Euro pallet (in case any taps are lost).

The export carton walls shall be very strong, sturdily rigid and resistant for palletized stacking without bending, and if necessary reinforced by other means (e.g. in corners) in order to allow stacking of palletized cartons upon each other without compressing the buckets in the lower layers.

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