Water floc. & disinfectant,pdr/BOX-240

A two step product water purifier that includes a flocculent and a
disinfectant (Chlorine).
Indicative Price 10.35 USD
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General Description:
A two step product water purifier that includes a flocculent and a disinfectant (Chlorine).

Technical Specifications:
The powder comprises an approved flocculent that will initiate the coagulation and subsequent precipitation, and Chlorine for disinfection.
Residual Chlorine is left in the treated water to guard against subsequent contamination. The pre-measured powder is packed in sachet sufficient to purify 10 liters of water. The powder could have other ingredients such as a buffer to maintain the pH, a polymer to promote coagulation, etc.

Packaging and labeling:
Instructions for use should be clearly shown in English and pictographic form on each sachet. Depending on manufacture, the sachets of either 2.5 g or 4 g - are in strips of 12. 20 strips of 12 sachets (240 sachets total) are packed in a cardboard box.

Estimated weight: 1.345 kg
Estimated volume: 4.4 cdm
Estimated dimensions: 25 x 11 x 16 cm

Instructions for use:
The flocculation/ disinfection powder is used to purify turbid water in cases of emergency. The coagulant part of the powder will form floc and separate the contaminants in water that will settle to the bottom of the container. These contaminants include dirt, pesticides, and possibly some heavy metals.
The disinfecting part will release Chlorine in water that will kill the harmful micro-organisms. Enough residual Chlorine is left behind to ensure safe drinking water.
After the specified time that varies according to manufacturer, but generally around 15 minutes, the water is poured through a cloth to separate the floc from the clear potable water.
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