Pan and "P" trap,for sq. plate 5007335

Pan and "P" trap, for squatting plate 120cm x 80cm (catalogue item number S5007335); packed in cardboard boxes loaded on standard Euro pallets each carrying 180 sets
Indicative Price 6.02 USD
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General Description:
Pan and "P" trap, for squatting plate 120 x 80 cm (catalogue item number S5007335).

Technical Specifications:
The pan is moulded in PP and can be bolted to the underside of squatting plate S5007335 using the fasteners provided.
There are 2 types of traps, a "P" trap and a Goose neck trap, both of which are moulded in HDPE.
The trap is fixed to the pan using the adhesive that has been provided.

Note: This catalogue item relates to the "P" trap (For the "Goose Neck" trap, please use catalogue item number S5007340)

Pan: Weight 500 g, length 470 mm, width 250 mm, height 345 mm, thickness 2 mm, exit pipe size (OD) 81 mm.
Trap: Inlet pipe size (ID) 81 mm, water-seal 20 mm.

Shipping details:
The pans and traps are packed in cardboard boxes and loaded on standard Euro pallets (80 x 120 cm). Each pallet carries 180 sets of pans and traps.
The dimensions of each loaded pallet are approximately 1200 x 800 x 2000 mm, with the gross weight approximately 170 kg.

Accessories/Spare parts/Consumables:
For the squatting plate, please raise a separate line using catalogue item number S5007335 - Squatting plate, plastic, w/o pan,120x80cm

For pan:
Estimated weight: 0.5 kg
Estimated volume: 40 cdm
Estimated dimensions: 470 x 250 x 345 mm

Instructions for use:
The pan is to be bolted on to the underside of the squatting plate (catalogue item number S5007335) using the fasteners provided. The trap is to be fixed to the pan using the adhesive provided.
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