Flak Jacket,NIJ III,FEMALE,size XXL

Flak jacket, comprised of Silver 6.0 soft armour (protection level NIJ IIIA), together with 4 Dyneema plates (protection level NIJ III).
For Female - XXL Size
Indicative Price 940.70 USD
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General Description:
Flak jacket, comprised of soft armor (protection level NIJ IIIA), together with armor upgrade plates (protection level NIJ III).
For Female – Size XX-Large

Technical Specifications:

Soft Armour
Pullover type with Velcro-fitted strap openings to enable maximum movement of the torso and multiple adjustments to ensure snug fitting. Equipped with detachable collar, adjustable shoulders, deployable groin protector and rear extraction grab strap (for speedy evacuation of injured/ casualties), detachable comfort lining, and detachable UNICEF logos for front and back. Fitted with front, rear, and side external pockets for insertion of hard ballistic plates.

Outer carrier comprising an outer shell utilizing a robust fabric appropriate for the operational requirements, back coated with polyurethane or similar material (for moisture and mildew resistance), and to include additional finishes for water repellency. Black webbing to attach accessories. Inner shell manufactured in suitable material for user comfort and hygiene, which also permits ease of laundering or other way to keep material in clean and hygienic state, includes clear plastic ID sleeve.

Suitable for hot climates with high humidity.

Maximum weight not to exceed 3.6 kg (excluding hard insert plates, detachable collar, deployable groin protector, and any detachable accessories).

Colour: Navy blue

Size: XX-Large. For larger bra cup sizes. Fits chest (around centre of bust) 128-137cm. Fits waist (above belt) 111-120cm

Weight: (excluding hard insert plates, detachable collar, deployable groin protector, and any detachable accessories).

XXL:weight 3,600 g

Certified in accordance with NIJ 0101.06 Level IIIA or later

Armour Upgrade Plates
Set of ballistic plates consisting of:
1 x multi-curved front chest plate
1 x back plate
2 x single-curved side plates

Maximum weight not to exceed 2.5 kg per plate

Certified in accordance with NIJ 0101.06 Level III or later when used in conjunction with Level IIIA soft armor.

Supplied with:

- Transparent pocket size 9 x 6 cm positioned on the inside (easily accessible by rescue team) for insertion of changeable card with information concerning organization name/unit, blood type, allergies, and contact details.
- Carrying case
- Movable/detachable radio pouch
- Document pouch
- Detachable UNICEF logos for front and back
The UNICEF logo is provided as a standard. For other organizations, the appropriate logo must be ordered separately.
- Manual including fitting and adjustment guide, maintenance and cleaning/laundering advice, and best storage practice.
- Permanent label with basic cleaning instructions and information

It is considered a security item that requires special export documentation.

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