Maths Teaching Kit

Primary mathematics teaching aids kit designed for schools grade 1-6
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General Description:
Math teaching kit.

Technical Specifications:
Math teaching kit packed in a metal box.
Primary mathematics teaching aids kit designed for schools grade 1-6. The primary mathematics kit consists of 23 items including instruction manuals and metal box. It is mainly for teacher’s demonstration and can be used for student activities. Some consumables materials, such as paper, etc. are not included in the kit and those can be easily obtained locally.

Supplied with:
1)1 x Protractor, Blackboard, 180 degrees, 450mm length
2)1 x Horizontal Abacus, plastic base, wooden frame
3)1 x Vertical Abacus, wooden base, 50 plastic beads
4)1 x Square Sets, Blackboard, 30-60-90/45-45-90 degrees
5)1 x Compass, Blackboard, 410 mm, Plastic
6)1 x Geometric board, 335x535x5mm
7)1 x Oral practice unit,290x155x10mm
8)1 x Angle demonstrator, 0-360degrees, foldable
9)1 x Cubes, plastic, set of 1000 cubes, 5 colors
10)5 x Counting rods, plastic, set of 100, high 100mm
11)1 x Clock model, plastic, 3 hands, diameter 250mm
12)2 x Volume unit demonstrator, plastic, 4 pieces
13)1 x Volume & surface area demonstrator for cylinder, 2 parts
14)1 x Cone volume set, plastic, diameter 100mm
15)1 x Geometry set, 5 plastic pieces
16)1 x Area and Perimeter Demonstrator, Relation between surface area and arris length for rectangle. 1 cuboid/6 pieces,
17)1 x Circular areas and diameter demonstrator
18)1 x Capacity unit demonstrator, plastic
19)1 x Fraction kit, plastic, box diameter 210x28mm
20)1 x Geometry figures,7 plastic pieces
21)1 x Geometry figure making card, 4 pieces

2 x Instruction manuals
1 x Box, metal, lockable for storage, 790x590x145mm
1 x Users Guide Math Kit English
1 x Users Guide Math Kit French

User Manual
The User Manuals are available on the internet Click here
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