Science Teaching Kit

Primary science teaching aids kit designed for schools (grade 1-6)
Indicative Price : 135.41 USD

General Description:
Science teaching kit.

Technical Specifications:
Science teaching Kit packed in a metal box.
Primary science teaching aids Kit is designed for schools grade 1-6. The primary science Kit consists of 32 items including instruction manuals and metal box. It is mainly for teacher’s demonstration also can be used for student activities. Some consumables materials, such as batteries, iron nails, red ink, etc. are not included in the Kit and those can be easily obtained locally.

Supplied with:
1)1 x Hanging Weights, 50g, 10 pieces
2)1 x Spring Scale, 170x42mm
3)1 x Simple Mechanical Kit, case size 285x100x32mm
4)1 x Floating & Sinking Kit, with cylinders
5)1 x Turbine Wheel, plastic, U shape handle
6)1 x Sound Kit, packed in plastic box size 285x110x50mm
7)4 x Heat Kit, packed in plastic box size 290x110x40mm
8)1 x Solid Expansion Kit, metal with plastic handle
9)1 x Static Electricity Kit, packed in plastic box
10)4 x Electricity Kit, packed in plastic box
11)4 x Magnetic Kit, packed in plastic box
12)1 x Primary Optical Kit, packed in plastic box
13)1 x Dissecting Kit, total 7 pieces of metal tools
14)1 x Dissecting Tray, stainless plate size 190x260x15mm
15)1 x Magnifying Glass, plastic handle, diameter 60mm
16)1 x Air Pressure Demonstrator
17)1 x Sun Height Gauge, metal plate, plastic base
18)1 x Compass, aluminum base, Plastic cover
19)1 x Minerals, Rocks, Fossils Samples, wooden box
20)1 x Thermometer, glass, 300mm length, clear scale
21)1 x Demonstrative Thermometer, plastic, 590x90x35mm
22)1 x Plastic Transparent Basin, three plastic pieces
23)1 x Simple Pulley, plastic, includes 2 single 2 double pulleys
24)1 x Periscope, hard plastic tub, diameter 31.5x300mm
25)1 x Prism, metal handle, plated surface without rust
26)1 x Lever, plastic beam, metal base
27)1 x Experiment Trolley, plastic trolley, metal axle
28)1 x Overflowing cup, transparent plastic
29)1 x Battery Holder, can hold 4D Type batteries
30)1 x Seed Germinating Unit, transparent plastic cup

2 x Instruction Manuals
1 x Box, metal, lockable for storage, 790x590x145mm
1 x User's Manual Science Kit English
1 x User's Manual Science Kit French

User Manual
The User Manuals are available on the internet Click here

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