Portable Warehouse,GI/Alu+PVC,24x10m

Portable warehouse, galvanized iron or aluminium frame with PVC sheeting, 24x10; packed steel strapped wooden boxes.
Indicative Price 15,123.39 USD
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General Description:
Portable warehouse, galvanized iron or aluminium frame with PVC sheeting, 24x10; packed steel strapped wooden boxes.

Technical Specifications:
A portable warehouse made from galvanized steel or aluminium frame and covered with strong white PVC coated polyester sheeting. The portable warehouse has one large hooded ventilation panel at each gable end fitted with mosquito netting.

Identifiable with a large UNICEF logo and emblem in cyan blue on each side and end of the building; the logo covers a rectangular area of about 4 x 1m.

The concept of the warehouse is modular (usually with 4.0m modules) of 24-meter length and 10 meter width, designed for easy and rapid erection. The modular concept allows for extending the length if needed. The height of the vertical side walls is a minimum 3.0m and the height at the apex is about 4.0m.

The Warehouse is fitted with two doors; one fold-up door and one fold-away door made of PVC, minimum size 4 x 4meters.

The frame:
The frame is made of aluminium or steel sections. Steel is hot-dipped galvanized after forming and welding. Galvanization is in accordance with approved international standards. The frame should is designed to withstand winds of up to 35m/second and a snow load of minimum 50 kp/m².

Cover sheeting:
PVC coated polyester fabric sheeting, UV stabilized, self extinguishing, waterproof, suitable for hot and cold climates resisting temperatures of -30 to +70 ºC.

Weight is 700 g/m². (-+10%)
The cover is translucent and white in colour to allow for day light transmission.
Base Fabric is Polyester 1100dtex with threads per cm: 7,1 x 7,1; tear resistance is 400/400N, tensile strength is 2600/2300/N/5cm and adhesion is 100N/5cm.

Supplied with:
All the necessary ground spikes, tools, and everything needed for the complete erection of the warehouse on level ground; one repair kit for the cover sheet.

Packaging and storage:
Packed in wooden boxes, steel strapped.
Shipping details: 1 x 20' = 6 pcs, 1 x 40' = 12 pcs

Instruction for use:
A large, portable, and easy to erect weatherproof warehouse that is suitable for general goods storage etc.

Precondition for utilisation:
Define set-up location to have space for loading/offloading of trucks. Ensure geographic suitability with regard to water impact from rain and floods and consider parameter security as warehouse can be easily accessed.

Complementary Requirements to be ordered separately:
Lightning for outside and inside (security and working requirements).

Emergency scenarios
All emergencies, the warehouse should, however, be considered as a temporary storage solution.

Context in which item is mainly used:
Any situation where there is a need for temporary storage facilities.

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