Blanket synthetic med.thermal resistance

Blankets synthetic medium thermal resistance 200 cm x 150 cm
Indicative Price 4.99 USD
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General Description:
Blankets synthetic medium thermal resistance.
Note: Country office to indicate whether they want the bales with blankets to be palletized or non palletized

Technical Specifications:
Material: Knitted or woven, dry raised both sides, 100% virgin polyester and/or acrylic fibres or polyester/cotton (Content ISO 1833 on dry weight)

Manufacturer Marking: Every blanket should include a tag, stitched in the hem, with the manufacturer identification (letters not higher than 2.5 cm). The tag should include the supplier and factory names, a unique reference batch number and the date of manufacturing. No company logo should be included with the manufacturer’s marking.

Printing of UNICEF Logo: UNICEF visibility logo (the word 'unicef' + mother and child emblem) should be stitched as a label in one corner of the blanket. The size of the logo should be 11.4 cm wide and 4.6 cm high placed at the corner of the blanket.

Font: Univers. Colour specification: Pantone Fabric swatch 17-4540-TC (equivalent to Process Cyan (100% cyan) CMYK of C100 M0 Y0 K0).

A uniform dark color that is not black (e.g. dark blue, grey, brown). No red or white. Colour should be fixed and not run with washing.

Length: 200 cm +3% / -1%. To be taken on flat stabilized sample, without folds.

Width: 150 cm +3% / -1%. To be taken on flat stabilized sample, without folds.

Weight: 1.2 to 2.1kg

Thickness: 6.5mm minimum. ISO 5084 (1KPa on 2000mm²)

Tensile strength: 250N warp and weft minimum. ISO13934-1

Tensile strength loss after washing: Maximum 5% warp and weft after 3 consecutive machine washing at 30°C and one flat drying. ISO13934-1 and ISO 6330

Shrinkage maxi.: Maximum 5% warp and weft after 3 consecutive machine washing at 30°C and one flat drying ISO 6330
Weight loss after washing: Maximum 5% after 3 consecutive machine washing at 30°C and one flat drying.

Thermal resistance ISO 11092: Rct= 0.25m².K/W minimum

Resistance to air flow: Maximum 1000 L/m²/s. ISO9237 under 100Pa pressure drop

Finishing: Whipped seam at 10mm from the edge with 10 to 13 stitches/10cm or stitched ribbon or hemmed on 4 sides. The edges finishing should be straight.

Organoleptic test: No bad smell, not irritating to the skin, no dust. 4
Free from harmful VOC (Volatile Organic Components). Fit for human use.

Fire resistance: Resistance to cigarette - No ignition. ISO12952-1 &2

Fire resistance: Resistance to flame - No ignition. ISO12952-3&4

Homogeneous quality: The blankets should be homogeneous and not presenting fibbers missing.

Packing unit/bale
Marking on the bales: UNICEF logo + UNICEF item name and number + Pieces per bale + PO number + PO Quantity + Consignor (Supplier and Manufacturer) + Consignee + Destination + Packing Units (number/total number e.g. 1/20).
There should be a significant space between the logo and other information
Bales compression: The height of the bales to be compressed by maximum 40% from free state to final compressed and strapped state.

Bales strapping: Compressed and strapped with 5 straps (2 lengthwise, 3 crosswise)

Bales quality: Bales to be wrapped in a water-tight micro perforated plastic film and covered with a polypropylene or jute woven bag.

Bales Dimensions (LXWXH) : Min. 78cm (Max. 87cm) X Min 51cm (Max. 57cm) X Min. 49cm (Max. 67cm)

Bale Weight: Min 21.6Kg

Content: Quantity per bale: 18 pieces.

Pallets must be fumigated and heat treated as per IPSM15 standard
Palletised goods must not exceed the length and width of the pallet.
Pallets should be shrink wrapped and strapped.
BARCODES: Barcodes should be fixed and visible
For shipments to UNICEF Warehouses, please refer to UNICEF Warehouse Packing Specifications on the UNICEF website:

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