High Performance Tent - 72M2

72 m2 multipurpose tent with vertical walls and shade net
Indicative Price 3,130.00 USD
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General Description:
72 M2 High Performance Tent (HPT) with lightweight tensile steel and/or aluminium frame structure, comes in compact packing, withstands high wind pressure and snow load, easy to clean and disinfect.
Supplied with straight walls for better indoor setting, three (3) layered/full size windows, elevated shade net system, carry-on bags to reach last mile destinations, large gable openings for increased air flow/easy access, and repair kit for repair/maintenance in the field.

Technical Specifications:
The tent is a steel/or aluminium framed structure with steel/aluminium pipes used with steel/aluminium cross connectors/fittings.

The outer liner (HDPE/LDPE) is laminated woven fabric or mix of modacrylic & cotton fabric, . Shade net (knitted mesh) of woven black-out polyethylene (PE), . Bathtub style detached ground sheet (polyethylene).
Fabrics used for shade net, outer liner, ground sheet, and partition kit are waterproof, UV resistant, rot proof, fire retardant and durable.

The 72m2 tent has six (6) windows on each side, ventilation openings above each window and each door protected with mosquito net and roll-up PE/PVC transparent flaps; One (1) centre door at each gable end with two-way zippers and backup closing mechanism.

Guy Ropes of varying diameter, single /or double guying points, with and without metal spring or elastic device (shock absorbers) on each guying point. Fluorescent cords or reflective tape and/or red peg cover etc. included for day / night visibility.

One (1) air inlet sleeve, two (2) electricity cables sleeves on each gable side and one (1) chimney patch at one gable end.

UNICEF logo:
Two (2) removable logo labels (110 x 30 cm) on each gable cover, one (1) printed with UNICEF logo, the other blanco. Two (2) large UNICEF logos printed on one side of reversible shade cover, size (500 x 120 cm)/or (540x120 cm)

Supplied with:
Repair Kit
Installation/dismantling/re-packing instruction manual in Arabic, French, and English, with pictures

Packaging and labelling:
The tent is packed in PE bags in steel cages and/or wooden boxes with tent components packed into multiple PE carrying bags.

Transport and Storage:
The tent is shipped in labelled wooden boxes and/or PE bags in steel cages. Both steel cages and wooden boxes are stackable on hard/levelled surface). Airfreight is possible but will be expensive due to its weight and volume.

Container loading:
20'GP: 12, 40'DC/HC: 26/28

Weight and Volume:
Estimated weight: 495 to 542 kg
Estimated volume: 1.8 to 2.3 M3

Instruction for use:
Principal use is as a school tent, child friendly space etc. it can also be used as storage/distribution and/or media briefing center.

Precondition for utilization:
Complete set of master bags and/or wooden boxes for particular size along with instructions manual.
Suitable piece of ground preferably a leveled surface, free from rocks with enough space for drainage, and for anchoring/fixing of guy ropes. Check if the slope of the surrounding area is outward this will prevent the flow of surface/rainwater towards tent.
Check the type of ground i.e. hard/or soft etc. and accordingly follow the instructions, mainly for anchoring and/or driving pegs into the hard/soft ground.
Drainage channels along the tent edge (as per the instructions) to collect the access and/or surface/rainwater and ensure the stability of the tent area.

Alternative if the item is not available:
S5088048 HPT with straight walls and shade net - 48m²
S5088024 HPT with straight walls and shade net - 24m2

Addons to be ordered separately for each size:
The five (5) addons i.e. Winter Liner Kit; Inner liner; Hard flooring; Electrical lighting kit, and Solar lighting kit are Non-Warehouse items. These addons are size specific and only compatible with new tents.
Each of the addon items will soon be uploaded in the supply catalogue

Emergency scenarios
The tent is intended to serve as a temporary facility for programme implementation e.g. as temporary learning place for education, child-friendly spaces, for child protection, and nutrition facilities for nutrition and/or as a temporary health facility

Target population:
ECD (early childhood development), school going children, and adolescent

Emergency scenarios where the item should not be used:
In areas where hurricanes may occur the tent may get damaged severely. Special measures would be required for the setting out, orientation, anchoring, and/or stabilization of the pegs in such areas.

Other Emergency scenario considerations:
The tent cannot be installed on a sloppy ground and/or in hilly/mountainous regions.
Two logos on each gable cover are with Velcro (removable) while shade net cover is reversible and can be placed upside down in case logos should not be visible

The high-performance tents slightly differ in design, material composition, tent frame structure and installation/dismantling techniques mainly due to manufacturer specificity.
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