Decal, (for vehicles) permanently adhesive rectangular in cyan blue with UNICEF logo printed in white, size small 693mm x 196mm
Indicative Price 1.10 USD

General Description:
Decal, UNICEF, vehicle, small, rectangular, 693 x 196 mm

Technical Specifications:
UNICEF decal, vehicle, permanently adhesive, 693 x 196 mm

Material: White gloss PVC, with permanent adhesive; 0.1mm thickness; lifespan 2-3 years from date of delivery; Kraft liner 130 grams

Size: Rectangular, length 693 x 196 mm, with corners in a 90-degree angle

Colour: Background colour: cyan blue. The UNICEF logo printed in white, positioned in the middle of the decal, running 80% of the length.

Instructions for use:
For identification and marking of UNICEF vehicles
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