Decal, (for vehicles) rectangular permanently adhesive on cyan blue with UNICEF log in white, size large 1000mm x 280mm
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General Description:
Decal, UNICEF, vehicle, large, rectangular, 1000 x 280mm

Technical Specifications:
UNICEF decal, vehicle, permanently adhesive, 1000 x 280mm

Material: White gloss PVC, with permanent adhesive; 0.1mm thickness; lifespan 2-3 years from date of delivery; Kraft liner 130 grams.

Size: Rectangular, length 1000 mm x height 280 mm, with corners in a 90-degree angle.

Colour: Background colour: cyan blue. The UNICEF logo printed in white, positioned in the middle of the decal, running 80% of the length.

Instruction for use:
For identification and marking of UNICEF property.

Do not utilize decals for single trips with rented vehicles. If used on third party owned vehicles, ensure that decal is being returned.

Complementary Requirements to be ordered separately:
Consider magnet paper in case of third party owned vehicles

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