Armband, Education, cyan blue, cloth.

Armband, Education, cyan blue, cloth.
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General Description:
Armband, Education, cyan blue, cloth.

Technical Specifications:
Education armband, cloth.

Material - 220gsm 100% washed cotton twill.
The material is colour-fast, durable and easy to wash.

Colour: 100% Cyan Blue
The colour is durable and does not bleach easily in strong sunlight. There is no leaching of colour when the armband comes into contact with water.

Size: length 420mm x height 80mm

Adjustable Velcro closure consisting of two horizontal Velcro strips; length 120mm x width 30mm; sewn along the outer side of the armband. A third vertical Velcro strip sewn on the underside of the armband, height 80mm x width 30mm; The words Education is a right!
Education est un droit!
‫التعليم حق‬

Packaging and labelling:
Shrink-wrapped in a plastic bag.

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