Interagency Emergency Health Kit 2017 (IEHK2017) Supplementary module 1
- medicines

Each supplementary module 1 - medicines contains essential medicines for a population of 10,000 persons for a period of three (3) months and is to be used only by professional health workers or physicians.
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General Description
Interagency Emergency Health Kit 2017 Supplementary module 1 - medicines

Technical specifications:
Kit contents/Description:
QTYMaterial Description
5 S1552610Hydrocortisone pdr/inj 100mg vial/BOX-10
10 S1560310 Prednisolone 5mg tabs/PAC-100
1 S1585000Calc.glucon.inj. 100mg/ml 10ml amp/BOX-10
3 S1559355 Magn.sulph.inj 500mg/ml 10ml amp/BOX-10
1 S1559005Benzabenzylpen.pdr/inj 2 ,4MIU vial/BOX-50
5 S1520011Benzylpenicillin pdr/inj 5MIU vial/BOX-50
80 S1531005 Ceftriaxone pdr/inj 1g vial/BOX-10
50 S1555930Nystatin 100,000 IU/ml oral susp./BOT-30ml
100 S1555945Clotrimazole 500mg pessaries/applicator
30 S1544402 Doxycycline 100mg tabs PAC/10x10
20 S1555652Metronidazole 500mg tabs PAC/10x10
5 S1550501 Furosemide 40mg tabs/PAC-10x10
1 S1570500Misoprostol 200mcg tabs/PAC-60
75 S1511500 Beclomethasone 0.05mg/ds inhalation/200ds
4 S1552416Hydralazine pdr/inj 20mg amp/BOX-5
1 S1564337 Sodium Chloride 0.9% inj 10ml amp/BOX-20
1 S1543711Methyldopa 250mg tabs/PAC-10x10
30 S1505122 Silver Sulfadiaz. 1% cream 50g unsterile
6 S1588360Water purify.(NaDCC0 1.67g tabs/PAC-200
2 S1550525Furosemide inj. 10mg/ml 2ml amp/BOX-10
5 S1552301 Hydrochlorothiazide 25mg tabs/PAC-10 x10
5 S1514010Atropine inj. 1mg/ml 1 ml amp/BOX-10
1 S1551005 Folic acid 5mg tabs/PAC-1000
8 S1543650Biperiden 2mg tabs/PAC-50
2 S1543670 Haloperidol inj. 5mg/ml 1ml amp/BOX-10
13 S1543660Haloperidol 5mg tabs/PAC-100
5 S1501000 Epinephrine inj. 1mg/ml amp/BOX-10
75 S1562020Salbutamol inh. 0.1mg/ds 200ds
10 S1560826 Compound Sodium Lactate 500ml bot/BOX-20
5 S1552117Glucose 5% 500ml bot/BOX-20
300S0531991 Infusion giving set,sterile,s.u.
5 S1552115Glucose hyperton.inj 50% 50ml vial/BOX-20
40 S1543805 Water for inj. 10ml amp/BOX-50
3 S1555206Lidocaine inj 1% 20ml ampl/BOX-20
4 S1580005 Ascorbic acid 250mg tabs/PAC-1000
8 S1583000Retinol 200,000IU soft gel. caps/PAC-500
22 S1559370Carbamazepine 200mg tabs/PAC-10x10
71 S1537320 Cefalexin 250mg caps/PAC-28
54 S1552421Acetylsalicylic 75mg tabs/PAC-1x28
5 S1543751 Amlodipine 5mg tabs/PAC-10x10
71 S1543752Bisoprolol fumarate 5mg tabs/PAC-2x14
50 S1543755 Enalapril maleate 5mg tabs/PAC-10x10
5 S1552426Glyceryl trinitrate 500mcg tabs/PAC-100
50 S1511502Fluoxetine 20mg caps/PAC-10x10
1 S1551052Heparin 5000IU/ml inj, 5ml vial/PAC-25

1 x S1993324 2016 MSF Essential Drugs Guidelines, En
1 x S1993325 2016 MSF Essential Drugs Guidelines, Fr
1 x S1993326 2016 MSF Essential Drugs Guidelines, Es
1 x S1993327 2016 MSF Clinical Guidelines, En
1 x S1993328 2016 MSF Clinical Guidelines, Es
1 x S1993329 2016 MSF Clinical Guidelines, Fr
2 x S1993416 IEHK 2017 Booklet – English
2 x S1993417 IEHK 2017 Booklet - French
1 x S0145590 User feedback sheet, IEHK

Instruction for use
The IEHK2017 kit, supplementary module 1 - medicines contains essential medicines for a population of 10.000 persons for a period of three (3) months. It does not contain any medicines from the basic module and should only be used together with basic module. The selection and quantification of the medicines included are based on recommendations for standard treatments. This kit must only be used by physicians and other professional health workers at the first referral level of health services.

Medicines that belong to this kit but need import authorizations and/or cold chain are packed
separately. Please refer to catalogue number
S9901022 - IEHK2011,kit,suppl.1c-cold chain medicin
S9901027 - IEHK2017,kit,suppl.1a-medicinesInjectable antimalarial medicines are packed separately. Please refer to
catalogue number. S9901028 - IEHK2017,kit,suppl.1b-malaria.

Note The IEHK2017 kit, supplementary module 1 - medicines is one part of the "Interagency Emergency Health Kit 2017-Complete".
The "Interagency Emergency Health Kit 2017-Complete" is designed to meet the initial primary health care needs of a population (10.000 persons for 3 months), or a displaced population without medical facilities, or a population with disrupted medical facilities in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster or during emergency situations.

Important Customers should order the "Interagency Emergency Health Kit 2017-Complete" to fulfil the objectives. For full information on the purpose, concept, contents and how to order the complete kit, please refer to Technical Bulletin No.12 (Click on UNICEF web catalogue toolbar: TECHNICAL BULLETINS).


Emergency scenarios
This item is part of UNICEF Emergency supply list for health; reference is made to "Assumed Scenario of complex emergency or natural disaster with little/no health services".

Transport and Storage
Do not store above 25°C. Keep out of the reach of children.

Batch managed: yes

Guidelines for use:

WHO publication -The Interagency Emergency Health Kit 2017 with more information

A full list of technical guidelines for health emergencies

WHO mhGAP Guidelines

WHO PEN Guidelines

WHO Model Formulary 2008

MSF Essential Drugs

M SF Clinical Guidelines
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