Interagency Emergency Health Kit 2017 (IEHK2017) Supplementary unit 1b- medicines - Malaria

Each supplementary malaria unit contains injectable anti-malarial medicines.
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General Description:
Interagency Emergency Health Kit 2017, Supplementary unit 1b - medicines - Malaria

Technical specifications:
Kit contents/Description:
500 x S1300008 Artesunate pdr./inj. 60mg vial/BOX-1
12 x S0782111 Syringe,disp,5ml,w/ndl,21G/BOX-100
5 x S0782405 Syringe,disp,5ml,ster/BOX-100
3 x S0747452 Needle,disp,23G,ster/BOX-100
2 x S0747445 Needle,disp,25G,ster/BOX-100
2 x S0782215 Container,sharps,leak-resistant,w\lid-M

2x S1993900 Poster-Reconstitutn -artesunate inj -Eng
2x S1993901 Poster-Reconstitutn -artesunate inj -Fr
2x S1993902 Poster-Reconstitutn -artesunate inj -Por

Instruction for use
The IEHK2017 supplementary unit 1b - malaria contains injectable anti malarial medicines
This kit must only be used by physicians and other professional health workers, minimum at the first referral level of health services.

For Information about Artesunate 60mg injection, please see product details: specifications, recommendations and instructions for use under Item S130008 in UNICEF web catalogue.

Note about S1300008 Artesunate pdr./inj. 60mg vial/BOX-1
The box contains:
- One (1) vial of 60mg of Artesunate Powder (as anhydrous artesunic acid) for
IM/IV injection,
- One (1) ampoule, 1ml, of 5% (50mg/ml) Sodium Bicarbonate BP (solvent) ,
- One (1) ampoule, 5 ml, of 0.9% (9mg/ml) Sodium chloride (diluent).

Note: The IEHK2017 kit, supplementary unit 1b - malaria is one part of the "Interagency Emergency Health Kit 2017-Complete"
The "Interagency Emergency Health Kit 2017-Complete" is designed to meet the initial primary health care needs of a population (10.000 persons for 3 months), or a displaced population without medical facilities, or a population with disrupted medical facilities in the immediate aftermath of a
natural disaster or during emergency situations.

Important Customers should order the "Interagency Emergency Health
Kit 2017-Complete" to fulfil the objectives. For full information on the purpose, concept, contents and how to order the complete kit, please refer to Technical Bulletin No.12 (Click on UNICEF web catalogue toolbar: TECHNICAL BULLETINS).


Emergency scenarios
This item is part of UNICEF Emergency supply list for health; reference is made to "Assumed Scenario of complex emergency or natural disaster with little/no health services".

Transport and Storage
Do not store above 25°C. Keep out of the reach of children.

Batch managed: yes

Guidelines for use:

WHO publication -The Interagency Emergency Health Kit 2017 with more information

A full list of technical guidelines for health emergencies

WHO Model Formulary 2008

WHO Malaria Guidelines

Management of severe malaria – A practical handbook

MSF Essential Drugs

M SF Clinical Guidelines
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