Clean Delivery Kit, BOX-50

Clean Delivery Kit. Box of 50 individual kits
Indicative Price 311.32 USD
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General Description
Clean Delivery Kit. Box of 50 individual kits

Intended use:
Disposable kits for individual, uncomplicated, clean deliveries, at home or in an under-equipped maternity unit. To reduce risk of infections for mothers and newborns during childbirth.

Individual kit content:
QTYMaterial Description
1 S0552000Soap,toilet,bar,approx.100-110g,wrapped
1S0361020 Drawsheet,plastic,90x180cm
1 S0774750Scissors,umbilical cord,b/b,sterile
3S0566010Clamp ,umbilical cord,ster,s.u.
1 S0305025Towel,cotton,tetra,100x100cm
1S0327520Gloves,surg ,pwdfree,7.5,ster,s.u.,pair
1S0145580Instruction sheet, Clean delivery kit

Primary packaging:
Fifty (50) individual kits.

Users of the Clean Delivery Kit should be offered training to ensure appropriate and effective use of the individual kit items.
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