AWD Periphery kit Drug

AWD Periphery kit Drug
Indicative Price 915.02 USD
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General Description:
AWD Periphery kit Drug

Technical specifications:
Kit contents:
QTYMaterial Description
1 S1561121ORS low osm 20.5g/1L 10x100 sachets CAR/10x10
1S1555979 Paracetamol, 100mg disp.tablets 100mg PAC/100
2S1555964Paracetamol, 500mg tablets PAC/100
3S1544402 Doxycycline 100mg tabs PAC/10x10
56S1531011Azithromycin powder for suspension BOT/15ml
1 S5008346Water purif.(NaDCC) 67mg tabs/BOX-2800
5S1553110 Polyvidone iodine 10% BOT/200ml
3 S1580020Zinc sulphate, dispersible tablets 20mg PAC/1
32S1560826 Compound Sodium Lactate 500ml bot/BOX-20
1S1552117Glucose 5% 500ml bot/BOX-20
600 S0531991Infusion giving set,sterile,s.u.
60S0531990Infusion giving set,w/burette,ster,s.u.
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