Nut kit,outpatient,module-equipment2

Please note that this kit has replaced S0114056 Nut. kit, outpatient,
Nut. kit,outpatient,module-equipment2
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General description:
Nutrition kit for a mobile outpatient feeding facility. Contains preparation equipment, manuals and cleaning equipment for preparation of foods given to children suffering from severe acute malnutrition.
Corresponds to KMEDMNUTO12 from MSF

Intended Use:
Mobile outpatient feeding facility for children with severe acute malnutrition (SAM)

Target population:
Children suffering from severe acute malnutrition being treated in an outpatient feeding facility.

List of items included in the Outpatient Module Kit Equipment

100 x CUP, food-grade plastic, 250ml, graduated, red
25 x TEASPOON, stainless steel, 5ml
1 x CARDBOX, 1010/540/540 mm, triple grooves
5 x Clinical guidelines
10 x (Salter type scale) TROUSERS
50 x MID-UPPER ARM CIRCUMFERENCE TAPE, paediatric, PP, 115mm 2017
2 x SCALE, SALTER TYPE, 0-25 kg, no trousers, grad. 100 g
2 x COAT, MEDICAL, white, short sleeves, L
2 x COAT, MEDICAL, white, short sleeves, M
2 x COAT, MEDICAL, white, short sleeves, S
10 x POTTY, paediatric, plastic, stackable
10 x STETHOSCOPE, single head, adult diaphragme
2 x STETHOSCOPE, dual head, 2 diaphragms, adult/child
5 x TIMER, breath counting
1 x COTTON WOOL, hydrophilic, roll, 500 g
10 x TAPE, ADHESIVE, roll, 2 cm
10 x BLANKET, SURVIVAL, 220 x 140 cm, thickness 12 microns
200 x DEPRESSOR, TONGUE, wooden
15 x THERMOMETER, ELECTRONIC, accuracy 0.1º C + case
5 x CLOCK, ALARM, mechanical
15 x SOAP, 200 g, bar
5 x BOWL, plastic, 0.5l
5 x Guide clinique et thérapeutique
5 x JERRYCAN collapsible, food grade plastic, 20l + screw cap
5 x (20l collapsible jerrycan) TAP, 5cm, screwless
10 x TOWEL, 100% cotton, 70x50cm
5 x MEASURING JUG, 2l, graduated, translucent, unbreakable + lid
10 x SOUP SPOON, stainless steel, 15ml
1000 x BAG, plastic, for drugs, 6 x 8 cm
2 x TABLET CUTTER, stainless steel blade
10 x MEASURING JUG, 1l, graduated, translucent, unbreakable + lid
10 x BUCKET + LID stackable, food grade, 10l, white + lid

Perishable items to S0114056:
3 x S0330030 Gloves,exam,latex,pwdfree,large/BOX-100
10 x S0330025 Gloves,exam,latex,pwdfree,medium/BOX-100

Shelf life:
2 years

Storage and transportation:
No specific instruction

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