Obstetric,surgical kit,suppl.3-renewable

The obstetric surgical kit supplementary module 3 renewable contains medical renewable necessary for an average of 100 deliveries.
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General Description:
Obstetric, surgical kit, supplementary 3, renewable

Technical Specifications:

Kit contents:
QTYMaterial Description
50 S0374010 Tube,suction,CH08,L50cm,ster,disp
50 S0374015 Tube ,suction,CH10,L50cm,ster,disp
50 S0374025 Tube,suction,CH14,L50cm,ster,disp
10 S0366010 Syringe,feeding,50ml,catheter   tip ,ster
50 S0323010 Catheter,urethral,CH14,ster,disp
50 S0322010 Catheter,urethral,CH12,ster,disp
50 S0323302 Catheter,Foley,CH14,ster,disp
100 S0330500 Bag,urine,collecting,2000ml
100S0709210 Cannula,IV short,18G,ster,disp
100 S0709220 Cannula,IV short,20G,ster,disp
50 S0709225 Cannula,IV short,22G,ster,disp
50 S0709230 Cannula,IV short,24G,ster,disp
100S0744300 Needle ,scalp vein,25G,ster,disp
50 S0744400 Needle,scalp vein,21G,ster,disp
12 S0782413 Syringe ,disp,10ml,ster/BOX-100
2 S0782405 Syringe,disp,5ml,ster/BOX-100
15 S0782205 Syringe ,disp,2ml,ster/BOX-100
15 S0747432 Needle,disp,21G,ster/BOX-100
5 S0747452 Needle,disp ,23G,ster/BOX-100
5 S0747420 Needle,disp,19G,ster/BOX-100
100S0748100 Needle,spinal ,22G(0.7x90mm),ster,disp
20 S0503015 Medical tape,2.5cmx5m,roll
5 S0503020 Medical    tape,perforated,10cmx5m,roll
240S0523055 Compress,gauze,10x10cm,ster/PAC-5
30 S0523015 Compress,gauze,10x10cm,n/ster/PAC-100
10 S0519000 Cotton wool,500g,roll,non-ster
5 S0523020 Tape    umbilical,3mmx50m,non-ster,roll
10 S0552000 Soap,toilet,bar ,approx.110g,wrapped
10 S0514000 Brush,hand,scrubbing,plastic
5 S0305000 Apron ,protection,plastic,reusable
5 S0361020 Drawsheet,plastic,90x180cm
5 S0572510 Blanket ,survival,220x140cm
100 S0327510 Gloves,surg,pwdfree,7,ster,s.u.,pair
200S0327520 Gloves,surg,pwdfree,7.5,ster,s.u.,pair
200 S0327540 Gloves,surg,pwdfree,8.5,ster,s.u. ,pair
5 S0330025 Gloves,exam,latex,pwdfree,medium/BOX-10
5 S0330030 Gloves,exam,latex ,pwdfree,large/BOX-100
100 S0330115 Gloves,gyn,pwdfree,medium,ster,s.u.,pai
4 S0564004 Sut,abs,DEC2,need   3/8,26mm,tri/BOX-36
2 S0564011 Sut,abs,DEC2,need 3/8   18mm ,round/BOX-36
4 S0564012 Sut,abs,DEC3,need 1/2    30mm,round/BOX-36
2 S0564030 Sut,abs,DEC3,spool/BOX-36
4 S0565011 Sut,nonabs ,DEC3,need 3/8   30mm,tri/BOX-3
2 S0564040 Sut ,abs,DEC4,need 3/8   50mm,round/BOX-36
4 S0564050 Sut,abs,DEC4,need 1/2   30mm ,round/BOX-36
1 S0565020 Sut,nonabs,DEC1,need 1/2    13mm,rnd/BOX-3
1 S0565040 Sut,nonabs,DEC4,need 1/2    30mm,rnd/BOX-3
200 S0746510 Scalpel blade,ster,disp,no.22
2 S0782208 Safety box f.used syrgs/ndls    5lt/BOX-25
10 S0521425 Sachet,tablet,plastic,10x16cm/PAC-100

Packaging and labelling:
The Obstetric, surgical kit,suppl.3-renewable consists of 6 boxes marked with part No. 1/6 to 6/6

Weight and Volume:
Estimated total weight: 121 kg
Estimated total volume: 0.798 m3

Instructions for use:
The Obstetric surgical kit suppl.3-renewable represents the basic requirements of medical devices consumables to facilitate an average of 50 deliveries with complications, including caesarean sections, laparotomy and other minor surgery in emergencies. Most of the items are sterile and single-use. The kit is one part of "Obstetric, surgical Kit - Complete", which contains basic medicines, medical devices consumables and equipment, surgical instruments sets, and basic sterilisation and resuscitation equipment for health facilities.

This kit is designed to perform an average of 100 deliveries, including 50 with complications and surgery (with an average of 25 caesarean sections). The kit is intended for use by trained personnel, such as midwives, nurses, physicians, obstetricians, gynaecologists, surgeons and anaesthetists.

Important: Customers should order the Obstetric, surgical Kit - Complete to fulfill the objectives. For full information on the purpose, concept, and contents and how to order this kit please refer to Technical Bulletin No. 5 (click on UNICEF web catalogue toolbar: TECHNICAL BULLETINS).

Emergency scenarios:
This item is part of UNICEF Emergency supply list for health; reference is made to "Assumed Scenario of complex emergency or natural disaster with little/no health services".

Transport and Storage:
Should be transported and stored at controlled temperatures not exceeding 30°C
Batch managed
Shelf life

Component of a kit:
S9906627 IEHK2006,kit,suppl.3-renewable
S9908302 Obstetric,surgical kit,suppl.3-renewable

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