Surg.inst.,basic surgery /SET

Surgical instruments, basic surgery, set.
Indicative Price : 46.62 USD

General Description:
Surgical instruments, basic surgery, set

Technical Specifications:
This set should be considered part of any minimal investment in a health facility with surgical activities. A fully functional environment with theatre, sterilisation and resuscitation rooms, as well as trained personnel must be available.

This set is sufficient for most examinations of complex wounds, appendectomy according to Mac Burney, non-complicated ruptures, etc. It is the best basic emergency surgical box.

Kit contents:
4 x S0712200 - Clamp,towel,Backhaus,130mm
2 x S0738000 - Forceps,tissue,Allis,150mm
6 x S0730000 - Forceps,artery,Halst-Mosq,125mm,cvd
1 x S0726000 - Forceps,artery,Kocher,140mm,str
1 x S0721000 - Forceps,dressing,standard,155mm,str
1 x S0737200 - Forceps,tissue,Collin,160mm
1 x S0737000 - Forceps,tissue,standard,145mm,str
1 x S0722500 - Forceps,dressing,Cheron,250mm
1 x S0743600 - Needle holder,Mayo-Hegar,180mm,str
1 x S0759820 - Probe,double-ended,145mm
1 x S0768930 - Retractor,Farabeuf,d-e,120mm,pair
1 x S0745500 - Scalpel handle,no.4
1 x S0771250 - Scissors,Metzembaum,140mm,cvd,b/b
1 x S0770500 - Scissors,Mayo,140mm,cvd,b/b
1 x S0237000 - Bowl,stainless steel,180ml
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