Surg.inst.,curettage /SET

The set contains twelve basic surgical instruments and a bowl an can be used to carry out curettages. This kit contains the instruments only, no storage box.
Indicative Price 77.40 USD

General Description:
Surgical instruments, curettage, set

Technical Specifications:
This set should be considered part of any minimal investment in a health facility with surgical/obstetrical activities. A fully functional environment with theatre, sterilisation and resuscitation rooms, as well as trained personnel must be available.

Muzeux forceps are used in preference to Pozzi forceps because they are less traumatic. Vaginal retractors permit a better access to the cervix than a speculum.

Note: Be careful with the use of uterine sound and also sharp and open uterine curettes.

Kit contents:
1 x S0718210 - Dilators,uter,Hegar,d-e,3-4to17-18mm
1 x S0722500 - Forceps,dressing,Cheron,250mm
1 x S0742400 - Forceps,uterine,Museux,240mm,cvd
1 x S0768400 - Retractor,vaginal,Doyen,45x85mm
1 x S0779500 - Retractor,vaginal,Auvard,38x80mm
1 x S0715300 - Scoop,uterine,Simon,12mm,sharp
1 x S0713000 - Curette,uterine,Sims,8mm,blunt
1 x S0714300 - Curette,uterine,Sims,7mm,sharp
1 x S0714700 - Curette,uterine,Sims,9mm,sharp
1 x S0715200 - Curette,uterine,Sims,12mm,sharp
1 x S0775200 - Sound,uterine,Martin,320mm
1 x S0777500 - Speculum,vaginal,Graves,95x35mm
1 x S0237000 - Bowl,stainless steel,180ml

Component of a kit:
S9908301 "Obstetric, surgical kit, suppl. 2 - equipment"
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