Surg.inst.,delivery /SET

Surgical instruments, delivery, set.
Indicative Price : 7.56 USD

General Description:
Surgical instruments, delivery, set

Technical Specifications:
This set should be considered part of any minimal investment in a health facility with obstetrical activities. A fully functional obstetrical environment as well as a professional midwife must be available.

The set contains two Kocher forceps to clamp the umbilical cord (time needed to tie up), and a pair of "episiotomy scissors" and a pair of scissors to cut the umbilical cord. Most of episiotomies are performed at the last moment, so the set must always be available and ready for use.

For suturing the episiotomy, use: SET, SUTURE.

Kit contents:
1 x S0770500 - Scissors,Mayo,140mm,cvd,b/b
1 x S0774700 - Scissors,gyneco,200mm,cvd,b/b
2 x S0726000 - Forceps,artery,Kocher,140mm,str

Component of a kit:
S9902218 "Midwifery kit, 2-equipment"
S9906626 "IEHK2006, kit, suppl.2-equipment"
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