Surg.inst.,dressing /SET

Surgical instruments, dressing, set.
Indicative Price : 4.29 USD

General Description:
Surgical instruments, dressing, set

Technical Specifications:
The set should be considered part of any minimal investment in a health facility and dispensary.

The set contains three basic instruments needed for all dressings. All dressings within the hospital and dispensary must be made with this minimum set of instruments, all sterile.

Kit contents:
1 x S0726000 - Forceps,artery,Kocher,140mm,str
1 x S0721000 - Forceps,dressing,standard,155mm,str
1 x S0773500 - Scissors,Deaver,140mm,str,s/b

Component of a kit:
S9906621 "IEHK2006, kit, basic unit"
S9906626 "IEHK2006, kit, suppl. 2-equipment"

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