Surgical instruments, examination/suturing, vaginal/cervial, set.
Indicative Price : 40.50 USD

General Description:
Surgical instruments, examination/suturing, vaginal/cervial, set.

Technical Specifications:
The set should be considered part of any minimal investment in a health facility with obstetrical activities. A fully functional obstetrical environment as well as professional personnel must be available.

The set contains surgical instruments for examining women, suturing cervical and vaginal tears, etc.

Kit contents:
1 x S0770600 - Scissors,Mayo,170mm,cvd,b/b
1 x S0743600 - Needle holder,Mayo-Hegar,180mm,str
2 x S0768400 - Retractor,vaginal,Doyen,45x85mm
1 x S0777000 - Speculum,vaginal,Graves,75x20mm
1 x S0777500 - Speculum,vaginal,Graves,95x35mm
1 x S0778000 - Speculum,vaginal,Graves,115x35mm
2 x S0722500 - Forceps,dressing,Cheron,250mm

Component of a kit:
S9908301 "Obstetric, surgical kit, suppl. 2 - equipment"
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