School-in-a-bag kit,40 student,1 teacher

School-in-a-bag kit for 40 students and 1 teacher
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General Description:
School-in-a-Bag kit for 40 students and 1 teacher
This is a new kit and has been designed for the early stages of an emergency when resources are limited. The kit has been designed so that there are sufficient supplies for 40 children and 1 Teacher (that are easy to transport and distribute) to establish a learning space and to enable learning activities to commence. It is assumed that the kit is a starter-kit in the period before the larger, longer term supplies reach the required areas.

Technical Specifications:
School-in-a-Bag kit for 40 students and 1 teacher with 18 components - 8 for teachers and 10 for students, packed in a sturdy tri-walled carton.

Kit contents:
Teacher's materials:
1 x S4410021 - Book,exercise,A4,ruled-8mm,96 pgs/PAC-10
1 x S4460007 - Pen, ball-point, black, BOX-10
1 x S4460006 - Pen,ball-point,red/BOX-10
1 x S4416397 - Chalk,assorted colours/BOX-100
3 x S4416403 - Chalk,white/BOX-100
2 x S4465700 - Paint,chalkboard,black
1 x S4416504 - Brush,paint,for chalkboard,50-60mm
1 x S0544211 - Register, A4, squared, 80 pgs

Student's materials:
2 x S4410010 - Book,exercise,A5,ruled-8mm,48 pgs/PAC-20
2 x S4410020 - Book,exercise,A5,5mm-sqre,48 pgs/PAC-20
4 x S4411010 - Book,drawing,A5,plain,96 pgs/PAC-10
4 x S4460007 - Pen, ball-point, black, BOX-10
8 x S4460701 - Pencil,HB grade,black/BOX-10
2 x S4552010 - Pencil sharpener,metal/PAC-20
2 x S4520110 - Eraser,soft,for pencil/BOX-20
4 x S4570005 - Ruler,plastic,c.30cm,set of 10
2 x S5001006 - Bag,carrier,A4,interlock seal/PAC-20
40 x S2684006 - Colouring pencils,12 ass cols,in case

Packaging and labelling:
All components are supplied ready-packed in the cardboard box marked with part 1 of 1.

The ink in the pens may dry out if lids are not correctly replaced or fitted.

Instruction for use:
The kit is designed to be used by 40 children and 1 teacher.

The branded items are intended for use only in connection with the kit and should not be used by individuals or in situations not connected to the appropriate use of the School-in-a-Bag Kit.

Weight and Volume:
Estimated weight: 28 kg
Estimated volume: 0.060cbm
Estimated dimensions: 0.60 x 0.40 x 0.25 m

Alternative if the item is not available:
The school-in-a-Box, 40 students, 2016(S9935097)or School-in-a-carton, 40 students, 2016(S9935011)could be used; however, these are significantly heavier and bulkier.The School-in-a-Carton contains the same contents as the equivalent School-in-a-Box the only difference is the replacement of the metal box with a carton.

Complementary Requirements, to be ordered separately:
Extra materials for 40 Students (S9935099); the extra materials are required if the class size is larger 40 students or when replenishment of the supplies is required.

Emergency scenarios:
All emergencies where children can safely get to and from the learning area and where activities connected to the kit can be safely carried out.

Context in which item is mainly used:
The kit can be used in both emergency and development contexts.

Target population:
The kit is intended for children aged 6 years and over.

Emergency scenarios where the item should not be used:
The kit should not be used in areas where it is not safe to travel to and from the learning area or where the place of learning is unsafe.

Cultural considerations:
Where UNICEF branding is considered a security concern, the branded items should not be externally displayed, worn or carried.
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