Recreation kit-in-a-carton, 2016

Recreation kit-in-a-carton 2016 for individual and team sports.
Indicative Price : 104.23 USD

General Description:
Recreation kit-in-a-carton 2016 for individual and team sports.

Technical Specification:
Recreation kit-in-a-carton with 25 components packed in a cardboard box. The previous Recreation-kit-in-a-carton (S9935035) was reviewed and the contents revised.

The kit is designed to cater for up to 90 children playing simultaneously.

Kit contents:
Item Material Description Qty
1 S2702801 Ball,sponge rubber,60mm diam./ET-5 1
2 S2703300 Basketball,professional size 1
3 S2741600 Inflating-kit for balls 2
4 S2795700 Volleyball,professional model 2
5 S2795800 Volleyball net,9.5x1m,without posts 1
6 S2797300 Whistle,referee's,non-metalic 2
7 S2797600 Tape, measure, 5 m, retractable 1
8 S4410021 Book,exercise,A4,ruled-8mm,96 pgs/PAC-10 1
9 S4416403 Chalk,white/BOX-100 1
10 S4416510 Slate,fibreboard,double-sided,A4/BOX-20 1
11 S4460007 Pen,ball-point,black/BOX-10 1
12 S5001000 Bag,UNICEF,blue polyester,360x230x610mm 1
13 S2760001 Skipping rope,polyester,3m/PAC-10 1
14 S2731222 Hard surface footballs, size 3 2
15 S2731220 Hard surface Football, Size 4 4
16 S2795801 Beach ball, inflatable, diameter 42cm 1
17 S2795802 Board games, box of 3 games 1
18 S2795803 Hackey Sack, Synthetic leather, pac/3 1
19 S2795804 Play Parachute, 3.65 meters, with bag 1
20 S2797701 Tabards, red/blue, large(age 13+)/PAC-20 1
21 S8794601 Arm Bands, Education, Cyan blue, cloth 2
22 S1993554 Users guide Recreation Kit, English 1
23 S1993555 Users guide Recreation Kit, French 1
24 S1993322 Children w/ Disability Guide REC 1
25 S1993323 Education Kit Feedback form, A4 1

Transport and Storage:
Cold chain: No
Dangerous good: No
Batch managed: No

Shelf life:
Estimated as 1 year

Weight and Volume
Estimated weight of the kit is: 28kg
Estimated volume of the kits is: 0.120cbm
Estimated dimensions of the kits are: 0.80L x 0.60W 0x 0.25m H

Packaging and labelling:
All components are supplied ready-packed in a double-walled carton.

Alternative if the item is not available:
The Recreation kit , 40 students, 2016 in a box(S9935024) could be used where there are storage concerns e.g. where the carton may become damaged or where the contents need to be locked. The Recreation kit-in-a-Box contains the
same items as the Recreation-in-a-Carton; the only difference is the metal box instead of the carton box.

Accessories/Spare parts/Consumables:
All of the individual items can be ordered (for replenishment)

Instruction for use:
The kit is designed to be used by 90 children at one time in both indoor and outdoor areas.

An interactive demonstration of the kit is given in:
http://www .unicef.org/supply/kits_flash/recreation/

User Manual
The User Manuals are available on the internet
Click here
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