Recreation kit-in-a-carton, 2016

Recreation kit-in-a-carton 2016 for individual and team sports.
Indicative Price : 106.65 USD

General Description:
Recreation kit-in-a-carton 2016 for individual and team sports.

Technical Specification:
Recreation kit-in-a-carton with 25 components packed in a cardboard box. The previous Recreation-kit-in-a-carton (S9935035) was reviewed and the contents revised.

The kit is designed to cater for up to 90 children playing simultaneously.

Kit contents:
Item Material Description Qty
1 S2702801 Ball,sponge rubber,60mm diam./ET-5 1
2 S2703300 Basketball,professional size 1
3 S2741600 Inflating-kit for balls 2
4 S2795700 Volleyball,professional model 2
5 S2795800 Volleyball net,9.5x1m,without posts 1
6 S2797300 Whistle,referee's,non-metalic 2
7 S2797600 Tape, measure, 5 m, retractable 1
8 S4410021 Book,exercise,A4,ruled-8mm,96 pgs/PAC-10 1
9 S4416403 Chalk,white/BOX-100 1
10 S4416510 Slate,fibreboard,double-sided,A4/BOX-20 1
11 S4460007 Pen,ball-point,black/BOX-10 1
12 S5001000 Bag,UNICEF,blue polyester,360x230x610mm 1
13 S2760001 Skipping rope,polyester,3m/PAC-10 1
14 S2731222 Hard surface footballs, size 3 2
15 S2731220 Hard surface Football, Size 4 4
16 S2795801 Beach ball, inflatable, diameter 42cm 1
17 S2795802 Board games, box of 3 games 1
18 S2795803 Hackey Sack, Synthetic leather, pac/3 1
19 S2795804 Play Parachute, 3.65 meters, with bag 1
20 S2797701 Tabards, red/blue, large(age 13+)/PAC-20 1
21 S8794601 Arm Bands, Education, Cyan blue, cloth 2
22 S1993554 Users guide Recreation Kit, English 1
23 S1993555 Users guide Recreation Kit, French 1
24 S1993322 Children w/ Disability Guide REC 1
25 S1993323 Education Kit Feedback form, A4 1

Transport and Storage:
Cold chain: No
Dangerous good: No
Batch managed: No

Shelf life:
Estimated as 1 year

Weight and Volume
Estimated weight of the kit is: 28kg
Estimated volume of the kits is: 0.120cbm
Estimated dimensions of the kits are: 0.80L x 0.60W 0x 0.25m H

Packaging and labelling:
All components are supplied ready-packed in a double-walled carton.

Alternative if the item is not available:
The Recreation kit , 40 students, 2016 in a box(S9935024) could be used where
there are storage concerns e.g. where the carton may become damaged or
where the contents need to be locked. The Recreation kit-in-a-Box contains the
same items as the Recreation-in-a-Carton; the only difference is the metal
box instead of the carton box.

Accessories/Spare parts/Consumables:
All of the individual items can be ordered (for replenishment)

Instruction for use:
The kit is designed to be used by 90 children at one time in both indoor
and outdoor areas.

An interactive demonstration of the kit is given in

User Manual
The User Manuals are available on the internet

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