ECD kit-in-a-carton, 2016

ECD kit-in-a-carton, 2016
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General Description:
ECD kit-in-a-carton, 2016

Technical Specifications:
The Early Childhood Development Kit-in-a-carton with 42 components packed in a cardboard box. The previous ECD Kit-in-a-carton (S9935061) was reviewed and the contents revised.

The kit aims to provide a range of activities to encourage the development and social interaction of children (playing, story-telling, numeracy, etc.) with materials also provided for caregivers. In addition, the kit provides water and sanitation items for the improved health and awareness of children.

Kit contents:
Material Description Qty
S0552000 Soap ,toilet,bar,approx.100-110g,wrapped 5
S1993545 Book, children's, cardboard 1
S2511000 Memory Game,card/BOX app 16 pairs 1
S2512015 Shape-sorter, app. 9 pcs 1
S2512020 Dominoes,plastic,colourd/SET-28 1
S2512025 Sort & Stack Set,plastic,app.19 stack 1
S2521010 Puzzle Blocks,6 sides,SET-12 1
S2521020 Board Puzzle, 4-8 pcs w/out pegs 1
S2521030 Jigsaw Puzzle,app. 24 pcs 1
S2521040 Counting Circle,wood ,app.20 pieces 1
S2521060 Chain Puzzle,wood,coloured,app.5 pieces 1
S2535010 Puppet,finger,diff characters/SET-6 1
S2535015 Puppet,hand,diff characters/SET-6 1
S2555010 Scissors,safety,school,B/B,135mm/BOX-10 1
S2584000 Crayon,wax,packs of 8 colours/BOX-10x8 3
S2584010 Crayon,wax,jumbo,ass. colours/BOX-8 6
S2587010 Beads,wood,col,/BOX-50 1
S2593010 Building blocks,wood,coloured /set 50 1
S2657207 Pad,paper,coloured ,A4,50 sheets/PAC-10 1
S2657208 Paper,plain,70cm wide,25m/ROLL 1
S2657311 Drawing pad,white,A3,48 sheets/PAC-10 .2
S2684006 Colouring pencils,12 ass cols,in case 10
S2687003 Tape,adhesive,transp 1,5cm x 10m/BOX-20 1
S2702802 Ball,rubber/foam, app10cm diam/NET-5 1
S4325497 Marker,flipchart ,colours,tip-5mm/PAC-4 2
S4432000 Glue,classroom use,BOT-170ml 1
S4460007 Pen,ball-point,black/BOX-10 1
S4460701 Pencil,HB grade,black lead/Box-10 2
S4520110 Eraser,soft,for pencil/BOX-20 2
S4552010 Pencil sharpener,metal/PAC-20 1
S5007311 Water-cont,LDPE,10l ,collapsibl.,w/o logo 5
S4492110 ECD Activity Guide, ECD kit,French 1
S4492100 ECD Activity Guide, ECD kit,English 1
S4492140 ECD Activity Guide, ECD kit,Arabic 1
S2608500 Clay, modelling,assorted colour/BOX-6/8 5
S5001006 Bag, plastic, interlock seal/PAC-20 1
S8794601 Arm Bands, Education, Cyan blue, cloth 2
S2687004 Duct tape, 50mm, silver 1
S4410003 Bristol paper, colored, A4, 180 gsm, pac 1
S4410002 Book, exercise,A4,ruled-8mm,96 pag/PAC-5 1
S1993321 Children w/ Disability Guide ECD 1
S1993323 Education Kit Feedback form, A4 1

Packaging and labelling
All components are supplied ready-packed in a double-walled carton.

Estimated weight: 33kg
Estimated volume: 0.120cbm
Estimated dimensions: 0.80 L x 0.60 W 0x 0.25 m H

Instruction for use:
The kit is designed to be used by 50 children (aged 0 to 6) at one time and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Link to Activity Guides (for individual items): Click here

The user manuals are available on the internet
Click here

Alternative if the item is not available:
If the kit is not available in a complete form, the individual items can be ordered separately and a special kit can be set-packed by Supply Division.

Emergency scenarios
All emergencies where children can safely get to and from the ECD area and where activities connected to the kit can be safely carried out.

Context in which item is mainly used:
Can be used in both emergency and development contexts.

Target population:
Intended for children aged between 0 and 6, supervised by Caregivers.

Climate considerations:
Children should have access to safe and adequate sanitation facilities and water supplies during the activities.

User Manual
The user manuals are available on the internet
The Disability Guide for ECD kit on the internet:
Click here
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