Arabic Student Kit Grade 5-8

Arabic Student Kit for Grades 5 to 8.
Indicative Price : 97.12 USD

General Description:
Arabic Student Kit for Grades 5 to 8.

Technical Specifications:

Kit contents:

MaterialDescription QTY
S4410030Book ,exercise,A5,sqre,48 pgs,ARABIC/P-204
S4410031Book,exercise,A4,ruled,96pgs ,ARABIC/P-104
S4410040 Book,exercise,A5,ruled,48pgs,ARABIC/P-204
S4460005Pen,ball-point ,blue/BOX-1010
S4460009 Pen,ball-point,green/BOX-1010
S4460701Pencil,HB grade,black lead/Box-1010
S4516510 Student's Geometry set/BOX-201
S4520110Eraser,soft,for pencil/BOX-20 1
S4552010 Pencil sharpener,metal/PAC-201
S5001300Bag,school,UNICEF,ARABIC,400x270x100mm 20
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