Replenishment kit for School-in-a-box

Replenishment kit for the School-in-a-box Kit for 40 students
Indicative Price 47.10 USD
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General Description:
Replenishment kit for the School-in-a-Box Kit for 40 students
*Please note that the short description is S9935098 but it is for S9935097 School-in-a-box for 40 students, 2016 .
Technical Specifications:
Replenishment kit for the School-in-a-box kit for 40 students with 20 components in a double-walled carton.

Kit contents:
Teacher's materials:
1 x S0544210 - Register,A4,squared,80 pgs/PAC-10
1 x S4410021 - Book,exercise,A4,ruled-8mm,96 pgs/PAC-10
1 x S4460006 - Pen,ball-point,red/BOX-10
3 x S4416403 - Chalk,white/BOX-100
3 x S4416397 - Chalk,assorted colours/BOX-100
2 x S4325497 - Marker,flipchart,colours,tip-4.5mm/PAC-4
1 x S2270500 - Scissors,all purpose,sharp,180mm
2 x S2687003 - Tape,adhesive,transp 1,5cm x 10m/BOX-20
2 x S4465700 - Paint,chalkboard,black
1 x S4416504 - Brush,paint,for chalkboard,50-60mm
2 x S4416506 - Duster/wiper for Blackboard

Students materials:
2 x S4410010 - Book,exercise,A5,ruled-8mm,48 pgs/PAC-20
2 x S4410020 - Book,exercise,A5,5mm-sqre,48 pgs/PAC-20
8 x S4460007 - Pen, ball-point, black, BOX-10
8 x S4460005 - Pen, ball-point, blue, BOX-10
8 x S4460701 - Pencil,HB grade,black/BOX-10
2 x S4461002 - White pencil for slates, BOX-20
4 x S2584000 - Crayon,wax,packs of 8 colours/BOX-10x8
4 x S4520110 - Eraser,soft,for pencil/BOX-20
2 x S4552010 - Pencil sharpener,metal/PAC-20

Packaging and labelling:
All components are supplied ready-packed in a double-walled carton box.

Estimated weight: 24kg
Estimated volume: 0.060cbm
Estimated dimensions: 0.60 L x 0.40 W x 0.25 H m

Estimated number of kits that can fit in a 20' container: 400
Estimated number of kits that can fit in a 40' container: 840

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