First aid kit A

First aid kit A
Indicative Price : 34.42 USD

General Description:
First aid kit A

Technical Specifications:

Kit contents:
Material Description Qty
S0969025HE*Gloves ,w/opowder,nitr,M,disp,box/1001
S0503010Tape,adhesive,Z.O.,2.5cmx5m 2
S0504000Tape ,adhesive,Z.O,perforated,10cmx5m1
S0503025Bandage,elastic,7.5cmx5m,roll 2
S0512111Bandage ,gauze,8cmx4m,roll10
S0516110First Aid bag,UNICEF,blue,410x280x170mm 1
S0523005Compress ,gauze,10x10cm,n/ster/PAC-1001
S0523050Compress,paraffin,10x10cm,ster/BOX-10 1
S0523055 Compress,gauze,10x10cm,ster/PAC-510
S0539000Pin,safety,medium size/PAC-12 1
S0552000 Soap,toilet,bar,approx.110g,wrapped1
S0572510Blanket,survival,220x140cm 1
S0575000Towel ,huck,430 x 500mm1
S0721000Forceps,dressing,standard,155mm,str 1
S0726000Forceps ,artery,Kocher,140mm,str1
S0746510Scalpel blade,ster,disp,no.225
S0773500Scissors,Deaver ,140mm,str,s/b1
S1553000 Ibuprofen 200mg tabs/PAC-1001
S1510000Tetracycline eye ointment 1%/TBE-5g1
S1531510 Chlorhexidine conc. sol. 5%/BOT-100ml1

Packaging and labelling:
The First aid kit A is packed in 1 box labelled with part number 1 of 1.

Weight and Volume:
Total weight: 3.56kg
Total volume: 0.022m3

Instructions for use:
Small basic first aid kit designed for treating a range of minor injuries and ailments such as wound dressings or eye infection. The kit can be used in emergencies or domestic settings.

Emergency scenarios:
This item is part of UNICEF Emergency supply list for health; reference is made to "Assumed Scenario of complex emergency or natural disaster with little/no health services".

Transport and Storage:
Controlled temperature should not exceed 30°C
Batch managed
Shelf life

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