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  1. Reservoir, reagent, 60ml, box/25
    S0001426 Reservoir, reagent, 60ml, box/25

    Reservoir, reagent, 60ml, box/25
    Indicative Price 39.86 USD
  2. Slide, microscope, frosted, box/100
    S0001465 Slide, microscope, frosted, box/100

    Slide, microscope, frosted, box/100
    Shelf life
    Indicative Price 2.68 USD
  3. Slide, microscope, box/100
    S0001466 Slide, microscope, box/100

    Slide, microscope, box/100
    Shelf life
    Indicative Price 2.46 USD
  4. Cover glass, slides, box/100
    S0001467 Cover glass, slides, box/100

    Cover glass, slides, box/100
    Indicative Price 0.67 USD
  5. Tube,push cap,0.2 ml, ster,PCR,box/1000
    S0001587 Tube,push cap,0.2 ml, ster,PCR,box/1000

    PCR tubes with push caps, 0.2ml, sterile, box/1000
    Shelf life
    Indicative Price 14.87 USD
  6. Rack,tubes,0.5/2.0/15.0ml,240 pos,set/3
    S0001599 Rack,tubes,0.5/2.0/15.0ml,240 pos,set/3

    Rack,tubes, 0.5/2.0/15.0ml, 240 pos, set/3
    Indicative Price 10.80 USD
  7. Label,biohazard,adhesive2.5x2.5roll/1000
    S0001604 Label,biohazard,adhesive2.5x2.5roll/1000

    Indicative Price 41.49 USD
  8. Box,stor0.5ml2.0ml5.0mltubes100pos,set14
    S0001652 Box,stor0.5ml2.0ml5.0mltubes100pos,set14

    Box to store 0.5ml, 2.0ml, 5.0ml tubes, 100 positions, set of 14 boxes
    Indicative Price 82.03 USD
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Items 11-18 of 18

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